Topics for a Research Paper

Look at some interesting topics for a research paper in three different subjects

Most of the time, the biggest challenge a student faces is selecting a good topic. There are so many choices available that it could be a herculean task to select a topic on which a good research paper can be developed. Sometimes, the most common of topics keep coming to your mind. This is fine; as long as you can find a new or fresh perspective of a topic that has been earlier worked tries to put forward a few topics that would interest students of various subjects. Our topics for a research paper are certainly quite challenging to work on. At the same time, they are sure to bring you accolades when you are through with the research.

The characteristics of a good topic:

  • Stimulating
  • Pertinent to the subject
  • Availability of relevant information
  • Be analysis-worthy
  • Indicative of the academic level
  • Possess research potential
  • Provide the tone and setting for further research

There are many good topics for research paper writing that you can think of in the subject that you choose. We at can help you find interesting topics to write about if you can let us know the area and scope of your study. We can also help you with the writing activity after you have zoned in on a good research paper topic.

In order to give you an example of what we are capable of, we would like to suggest a fewtopics for a research paper in a three different subjects – African American Studies, Psychology and Business Management:

  • African American Studies

    – The contribution of Langston Hughes in the fight for racial equality. A close examination of his poems.

    – W.E.B. Du Bois – the voice of Black folk in the early Nineteen Hundreds

    – Abraham Lincoln – was he a devil in sheep’s disguise? Demystify the role played by Lincoln in the emancipation of colored people

    – Is America truly free from racial discrimination? Trace the path traversed by African Americans in their struggle against racial prejudice.

  • ¬†Psychology

    – Autism in children. Is it an affliction that is limited to a particular stratum of society? Use case studies to elaborate points and perspectives

    – Into the mind of a terrorist – are terrorists born or made? Examine the mindset of a hardliner and religious fundamentalist and explain how terrorism is the logical route he adopts

    – The contribution of Sigmund Freud to Psychology

    – Industrial Psychology – the role of a HR counselor

  • ¬†Business Management

    – Advertising strategies of a soft drink manufacturer. Examine the market share after carrying out the required market research

    – Decision Support Systems – a firm’s backbone?

    – The Brand Manager – indispensable or not?

    – Governmental control in the private sector

These are some of the simple topics that you could use. If you are eager to look at some moretopics for a research paper in a particular subject, call us immediately. We can help you with quite a wide choice.

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