10 Page Research Paper Outline and Crafting All Sections

Research papers rank high for being among the tasks that students tend to have problems drafting. The task demands a lot from students, in terms of time and knowledge. Students need to spend time in research to complete these papers. The assignment requires some structural rules to be followed, which makes the task present more of a challenge. That’s where having a 10 page research paper outline is essential. Luckily we have experts who are ready to help learners deal with these tasks and ensure quality.

Why Students Need Help with Research Papers

A student will take one look at their research paper and decide they need help to complete it for different reasons. First is because this is quite a complicated task. A student will gladly agree to delegate their 10 page research paper to professionals to avoid the hassle of having to write this paper. The paper demands a lot of input and time.

Students will also sometimes seek help with their research papers when their time is limited, and deadlines are close. When writing a research paper, a student has to spend a lot of time trying to find the best 10 page research paper topics for their work. Then, they will also have to do some planning and research. So, when a deadline is too close, a student might risk submitting late since they won’t manage to hand in on time; unless they seek professional writing help.

Other students will require assistance with their 10-page papers when they have problems related to language and writing. Such a student seeks help to preserve their grades. On their own, they might submit a 10-page paper that will score poorly, since the instructor will have a hard time following the student’s work.

10 Page Research Paper Example of an Outline

When it comes to how to write a 10 page research paper, the first thing students need to understand is the importance of an outline. The outline of a research paper is a list of all the crucial points arranged in the way they are going to appear in the document. Why is an outline for 10-page research essay essential?

  • It acts as the foundation of the paper
  • It serves to guide the student while writing and ensure they avoid straying from the main points
  • It also helps identify and correct any gaps in information and problems with the structure before approaching the 10-page paper
  • It saves a lot of time when writing because the student has already planned their work and highlighted all the main things to be included
  • Breaks down the work into manageable chunks making the 10-page paper easier to write.

The 10 page research paper outline format contains three main sections, the introduction, the research paper body, and the conclusion. Here is a simple example of the format:

Introduction – should entail the following:

  • Starting hook
  • Define the purpose, goals, audience
  • The thesis statement

Body – should be split into paragraphs with each discussing a single argument:

  • 1st argument
  • 2nd argument
  • 3rd argument

Conclusion – should be a recap of what has been discussed in the paper:

  • Summary of your arguments
  • Recommendations

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