5 Best Research Paper Editing Tips

Writing and editing go hand in hand. You can’t seriously think that to get a good essay mark in college, simply writing the paper will suffice. On the contrary, research paper editing is responsible for a solid 30% of the total success of your assignment. With an average student spending up to 5 hours writing a paper, it’s safe to say that another hour or two has to be dedicated to editing and proofreading.

Have a Rest

Although the first tip might sound controversial, after a paper is written, you have to take a break and rest up. The thing is that writing and proofreading research paper are two separate jobs. First of all, you write. After that, you edit and proofread. Professionals don’t recommend writing and editing a paper simultaneously. On the contrary, everyone agrees that editing goes after the first draft was fulfilled.

Focus on High Quality

Quality is a broad term. Many students wonder how it’s possible to check if your paper is truly a quality one? On Termpaperwriter.org, we follow a certain protocol to check research papers that our writers come up with. In general, there are 5 parameters of a high-quality research paper:


A quality academic paper has a certain rhythm and dynamics that make it fluent to read and easy to understand. As a student, you may want to try different words and phrases to help your paper obtain a better rhythm and dynamics. All A-grade research papers are always very fluent, did you notice? Also, removing all cliches, milk-and-water, colloquialisms, as well as any weasel talk is a part of working on the paper’s euphony.


Brevity is all about using short, simple but meaningful sentences. Using long, too complex sentences, as well as complicated paragraphs, is not recommended.


A relevant paper is the one that is related to the tasked subject matter and lives up to the initial requirements of the assignment.


A consistent paper is the one that has all the facts, pieces of evidence, and background sources checked. Also, if any source is used, it has to be properly cited, which is one of the most important research paper editing activities in college. Use such sourcing styles as APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, etc., to cite sources in-text.


It’s simple – a literate paper is the one that’s 100% error-free and mistake-proof. Make sure you check the grammar, style, syntax, spelling, punctuation, and logical structure of your paper. Read the paper as many times as needed, even backwards, until you’re fully satisfied with the result. A-grade research papers don’t have the flaws mentioned above.

Peer Review

Friends don’t let friends hand in poorly edited research papers. Today a friend helps you; tomorrow you help them. If you have an elder sibling who’s willing to help, it’s a great idea, too. Also, you may consider such an option as paying someone on the internet to review your paper and fix all possible mistakes. Such websites as Termpaperwriter.org can do the research paper write and edit job quickly and for a reasonable price. Two heads are better than one!

Use Grammarly

Grammarly is the best free research paper editing software and most definitely our most favorite proofreading tool. Both web-based and Microsoft Word/Google Docs add-on versions are available. Although a lot of features are available only for paid users, the free edition is perhaps the best go-to editing instrument in college. Another downside is that editing a research paper with the help of Grammarly takes time. Also, Grammarly isn’t omnipotent. From time to time, it can miss an error of two. As a result, manual editing is still required, which leads us to tip number five.

Use Termpaperwriter.org

Termpaperwriter.org is the best new website that can handle research paper and essay editing. In addition, you can avail of both writing and research paper editing services. On our website, you can find dozens of high-quality academic editors with a perfect native English language.

“Is it safe to pay someone to correct my research paper?” Since you can ask a friend to review your paper, why can’t you ask a research paper writer online to do it? The rule of thumb is the same as in the case of a peer review. However, a professional academic editor could help you get the biggest bang for your buck, which is the highest quality of the final draft.

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