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Psychology Research Paper Outline

The best way to learn how to write a Psychology research paper outline is to go through a good sample outline

Though you are aware that viewing sample outlines is the best way to learn to write a psychology research paper outline, you are still in the dark about it. The reason for this is simple – you are still looking for good outline samples. Here at TermPaperWriter.org we understand this need and provide you all assistance to learn the art of outline writing.

In order to make it easy for you, we thought it would be good to pick out a topic in Psychology and then show you what the psychology research paper outline should contain. In our research paper format sample you will see that writing the outline has made the paper better and more informative. All our samples follow the standard research paper format, depending on the citation style that is specified by the institution or teacher. If you want to express different perspectives of an issue or present a particular viewpoint, then an argumentative research paper format would be suitable.

In order to understand how a good outline should be written, take a look at these points. These points should be part of the outline when you have a topic like ‘Major Perspectives of Psychology’:

  • Describe what Psychology is all about – give definitions that have been contributed by well known psychologists
  • Explain how and why there are various perspectives that have been studied and explained in the field of Psychology
  • First list out the major perspectives and then go on to explain the characteristics of each. They are as follows:
    • Psychoanalytic – which is also known as Psychodynamic – you could explain that this branch of the subject was founded by Sigmund Freud and focuses on the early years of a human. It explores the unconscious process and speaks about the retention of certain images, events and people at sub-conscious level too.
    • Humanistic – based on the view that there is an inherent potential in each human being. Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers are well known humanists. The term ‘actualization’ is relevant to this branch of Psychology.
    • Behavioral – This is a more recent study area, which also contains the elements of Operant conditioning and Classical conditioning. You can bring in the works of Skinner, Pavlov and also the case of Bandura & Ross to substantiate your statements.
    • Cognitive – this is more to do with the way in which the thought process operates in humans and what factors impact the same.
    • Biological – this involves the workings of the brain, the nervous system, the endocrinal system and other relevant parts of the human system that affect thought and action.
  • Once you have explained the various branches, bring in a few applications too.
  • Conclude by pointing out how the study of each of these branches is important in its own unique way.

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