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Legal Research Paper Format

Sound Knowledge of the Legal Research Paper Format Is Critical for Proper Presentation of Work


Having a sound knowledge of the legal research paper format is critical for students who are doing law degrees. However, there may be some instances where the writing of legal research papers is a requirement in college or high school as well. These students too, need to be able to present a well written, well structured paper. A legal research paper will have students carrying out in depth examination in to a topic related to the field of law. They may be related to many particular legal cases or one particular case. Regardless of the type of assignment, it is vital for students to know how the format of their legal research papers should be organized in order to obtain a good grade.



That one may know the appropriate format and write the paper with a sound understanding of the topic, students need to conduct legal research. This is the key element to writing the legal research paper. Legal research involves locating information related to a certain legal cases which will support the decision made. As research is the main objective of writing a legal research paper, students need to know how to conduct research thoroughly. Electronic data bases such as LexisNexis and Westlaw provide students with the information they need to conduct sound investigations. However, it is necessary that students understand that law is an ever changing subject. There are new laws applied or old ones re-evaluated often. Therefore, students are advised to ensure that the information they acquire is up to date.

The legal research paper format varies according to each academic institution. Contrary to the common forms of citation such as APA research paper format or MLA, the law schools use 3-4 formatting styles which are exclusive the field of law. The most common form of law formatting and citation references is the Blue book system. An alternative system designed by the Association of Legal Writing Directors is also in use referred to as ALWD citation system. Another style for formatting is the Universal citation Guide proposed by America Association of Law Libraries. The Maroon book or the University of Chicago Manual of Legal citations is another option that is used in the formatting of law term papers.

In addition to the references and in-text citations, the format of the legal research paper also concerns the layout and arrangement of content of the term paper. As per standards, a title page, table of content and an abstract is included in the front matter while the body of the research paper consists of various parts of the research paper. Appendixes and reference sections follow the main research paper.

Students can go through many sample term papers online related to law and obtain information to write their research papers. Those who find this beyond their capabilities should obtain help from a good writing service. There are many writing companies available online and if students are careful they will be able to obtain a well written research paper adhering to the specified legal research paper format.

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