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The Term Paper Outline Sample Helped Her Keep Her Scholarship

April 4th, 2010

Term Paper Outline Samples Are Great When Followed Correctly

I am a good writer. I know that about myself. I can honestly bang out term papers left and right if I really had to. My sophomore year in college I had a roommate, Jenny. She was really nice but one thing about her, she was home schooled all the way until she got to college. She had very little social skills. Not only that, she just couldn’t learn. Jenny would study all day and night, literally but it was just like she didn’t know how to study. I felt horrible for her. I would come in at 1 am bang out a term paper, and head to bed. Mean while Jenny was studying note cards in her pajamas and drinking cups of coffee to study for her latest paper. One afternoon I found Jenny in dorm room crying. She was about to lose her academic scholarship since had just gotten yet another F on her term paper. Her professor had given her a term paper outline sample to follow to help but Jenny was just not getting it. I knew it was time to step in. I began working with Jenny day and night. We found many great term paper outline samples to choose from. I was quite surprised how much they helped her.

1.A term paper outline sample is ideal when trying to write a term paper. A good one is really well written with every single paragraph mapped out.

2.Most term paper outline samples will include a bibliography. This is ideal since if you don’t know how to write a term paper, more than likely you don’t know what a bibliography is. In that same vain make sure you know how to cite. A big part of a term paper outline is to include all citations and insert them exactly where they will be in your term paper.

3.Edit your term paper outline. Many professors, especially Jenny’s, required term paper outlines prior to the actual term paper being turned in. They want to make sure you know exactly what your doing and that your paper is going in a accurate direction. Meaning if there is a problem, spelling grammar, structure in your outline more than likely you will have that same problem in your actual paper.

4.Less is not more. Don’t be afraid to be “wordy” in your outline. The term paper outline sample that Jenny received was very trite. There was very little explanation and depth to the points. That was not a good outline for Jenny to follow. More is best. The more you write, the more you will have to draw from when you actually get down to writing your paper

Jenny did not lose her scholarship and was finally taken off of academic probation. She slowly began bringing home C’s and B’s but never did quite get her to an A. The above tips did really help Jenny and I hope they will help you to.

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