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The Term Paper Layout Helped Me Save Money

March 10th, 2010

The Term Paper Layout Helped Me Save Money

I needed to save money. Who doesn’t now days. Life is really, really expensive. I live thirty miles from where I worked. A total of a sixty mile commute every day. My apartment was really expensive. I needed to figure out a way to cut costs right away. My lease would be up shortly. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to move closer to my job. It was a good idea but I couldn’t believe how expensive apartments were. Yes I would be able to live within twenty minutes of where I worked but I would also be paying over two hundred dollars more a month. I needed to sit down and lay all of this out. I decided to write a term paper to help me. The term paper layout was the most exhausting part.

I decided to set the term paper layout by lisiting all my current expenses and then also listing the potential expenses I may have. I really needed to figure out if I would save any money or if this move would just cost me more in the long run.

I find term papers in general to be easy. I know that most term papers include a thesis, an introduction, body and conclusion. It’s not rocket science. A basic out line that helps determine the term paper layout can also be very helpful. This will help guide the direction of the paper and help to focus on the points needed without deterring off course.

I really needed to stay on course if I was going to make a move. I quickly wrote down my gross income and began subtracting all my current monthly expenses. It was hard to determine certain things without receipts. I knew I spent an astronomical amount of money on gas. But that obviously fluctuated. I also limited my self to only eating out twice a week. That also was not a set price.

I then began to do some critical analysis research on areas within fifteen minutes of where I worked. All the apartments where at least two hundred dollars more than what I was paying now. I then had to see if I would be able to make up the difference of the rent with the gas money I would be saving. It seemed really very possible. I also would be saving money by down grading a bit. I would go from a two bedroom one bath with a one car garage to a one bedroom one bath with no garage. I figured it would be less to heat and less electricity and gas.

I listed all these points out in my term paper layout and and read through my research paper twice. After the third time I had made my choice. It would definitely make more sense to move to a new smaller place. Although it was more expensive I would save a considerable amount of money on gas and electricity and I would even get more sleep since I could leave my home a lot later.

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