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The New Term Paper Definition Really Opened Their Eyes

March 2nd, 2010

The New Paper Definition Really Opened Their Eyes

I love to write prose, poems even term papers. There are actually many types of papers that can be written that are actually fun to write. As an English major I learned that writing really is fun. All types of writing. Writing can also sooth the soul and calm you down. During some of my worst moments in life I learned that I expressed myself best through my writing. That was when I decided to rethink the term paper definition.

I am now a high school English teacher. It’s my job to get my students really excited about writing. Obviously when you think about the idea of a critical analysis research paper is just boring. If the term paper definition is redefined then most students will look at papers differently.

I have written many papers over the years and that has not just been in the classroom. Every evening I redefined the term paper definition. I pulled out my journal and I’d write about the day I had. The people I met and the relationships that I acquired. When I reread my journals I relived all my past feelings. When I was in high school I was such a dreamer. This came through in most of my papers. I really just wanted the same for my students.

I began reintroducing a broader term paper definition to the students in my class. They obviously still griped and groaned about writing papers. But I wanted them to understand that writing would really change their lives. It would solve their problems. It would get out their feelings. It would help them to calm down.

I honestly felt since writing had been such a peace and comfort to me over the years that it would bring the same to my students.

Everyday I would try and change the term paper definition to my students so they would actually like to write. It began to work hard on this. I had several students who began writing on a regular basis some of them would even bring me their personal journals for extra credit.

Their writing had improved greatly. Many of my students began writing short stories and poems. One student in particular, Charlie, had decided that his life’s work would be writing Christian screenplays. He began bringing me his work on a regular basis. Years later I was really happy I had changed the idea of a term paper definition when I stood inline at a signing for Charlie’s first book.

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