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I Needed Research Paper Help but All She Could Talk About Was the Help She Needed

February 13th, 2010

I Needed Research Paper Help but All She Could Talk About Was the Help She Needed

Have you ever met someone who is just so completely selfish that you couldn’t stand it? No matter what you are going through or how you are feeling they’re problems are simply just more important than your own. My friend Maggie was that person. She was so selfish. I could tell her that my grandma just died and she would find someone way to make it about her. Maggie never said she was sorry, she never asked you how you were doing or how you were feeling. She was just so consumed with herself. Maggie was really good at writing term papers and became an English tutor our sophomore year in college. I was horrible at English and went to Maggie for some research paper help.

Along with being a totally selfish person, Maggie was just absolutely boy crazy. She claimed to have all of these boyfriends that she met online. Honestly she had to be the most dilusional person I had ever met. I wanted her to know that just because you talk to a guy a couple of times a day on the phone doesn’t make him your boyfriend. Maggie ceased to understand that. When I went to her for research paper help all she could talk about was Mohammed whom she had met online three weeks ago.

I pulled out the rough draft of the paper I needed research paper help on. As she talked about what a suave smooth voice he had I read her the term papers tips the professor had given the class:

1.Make sure you have a strong thesis statement.
2.Write an outline first, this will help you keep the flow and stay on point.
3.Used good, strong sources from the library such as book and journals. You should only use one internet source
4.A strong conclusion is key to a good grade. Make your professor think you really came to a surprise conclusion.

Maggie agreed that the tips were great but then went back to talking about Mohammed. She began asking my advise on how she should break up with him . She started a long drown out story about how she felt he was using her. Maggie also believed that Mohammed didn’t appreciate her. Since he never called her when he said he would. She became angry when she told me that the only time he could talk to her was at three o’ clock in the morning. I suggested that was because he was with another women who was probably sleeping when he called her.

After that the research paper help I hoped to get from Maggie was pretty much nonexistent. She became so angry. She asked me why I was never on her side and supportive. Why I never helped her with her problems and why couldn’t I just be happy for her? I really had to calm her down after that. After all I really needed her help if I wanted to pass this class. I finally did get Maggie to help me with my term paper but that was not until I agreed to set her up with my brother.

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