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How to Write A Great MLA Format Term Paper

February 27th, 2010

How to Write A Great MLA Format Term Paper

There are many different kinds of term papers. A term paper in general is fairly easy. A term paper includes a very basic formula. The first paragraph should be the introduction. This is where you tell them what you are going to tell them. This includes the thesis statement and the main points you will be talking about. The following paragraphs make up the body. You will have to allot one paragraph for each point you are making and expound on it. The is also where you will add your citations. The last paragraph should be your conclusion. This is where the mains points and thesis are reiterated. The concluding paragraph should also have a finality and to it as well as be very strong. Citations should be spotted throughout the term paper but must pertain to the point you are trying to make. One specific type of paper is the MLA format term paper.

The MLA format is a little tricky. It’s grossly different from the Harvard and Chicago method. Not only does the MLA format term paper include the bibliography page but unlike the other more common APA style citation method it includes the footnotes. They can be a real pain if you do not know what you are doing.

The number one point that can be made when citing your MLA format term paper is to do some strong critical analysis research. It’s great to have quotes but they won’t support your essay if they are not good and from reputable venues. Make sure they are strong. The quotes must in some way complete and support the paper. They should not just be used for filler. If this is the case your research paper will tumble.

Once you have your quotes you will need to find your header and footer tab. Some programs already have the footer program which would be ideal to utilize in this situation. After your quote is picked you will have to note that citation in a footnote at the bottom of the page. You will also have to place in in your end notes as well.

When placing citations in your end notes you must hold to the following example when citing a book:

Last name of author, First name of author. Title of Book. City of publication: Publisher, Year.

Following this method when citing from a hard copy of a journal:

Last name of author, First name of author. “Title of Article” Title of Journal Volume and Issue Number (Year): pages. Print.

Following this method when citing a website:

Last name of author, first name of author. “Title of website” Title of article. Year. Date website was pulled.

When citing your MLA format term paper following the simple rules above and you will be guaranteed to write a stellar term paper. The MLA format is actually much easier than I am making it seem. Once you get the hang of it, it will end up being second nature to you and you be scoring A’s in no time.

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