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I Made My Microeconomics Term Paper Fun

March 11th, 2010

I Made My Microeconomics Term Paper Fun

My senior year in college was the best years of my life. I was so happy, excited and a little bit sad. Life was so full of possibilities. I knew I’d miss my friends but I knew something amazing was right around the corner. I pretty much slacked off a lot my senior year. I knew I didn’t have much to do I had met all of my basic requirements. I now only had two elective writing classes and was able to sleep in till noon almost every day. Life was awesome. My friends and I would party at night and I would come home at two am every day. I knew this would be the only time that I would be able to have a life like this so I really tried to live it up. I went on some really great dates with guys I had been eyeing for over four years. I went to the movies, to the clubs and to a couple of pubs. At the beginning of the second semester, Dr Schneider called me into his office for the graduation consultation. He prefaced the meeting with the “I have some really bad news but it’s not the end of the world.” I felt my life flash before my eyes. I wondered if I wouldn’t graduate. Did I have to repeat my senior year over. Dr. Schneider then went into a long drown our explanation about how the system had not caught the one requirement I was missing. It was too late to get into the class but if I wanted to graduate I would have to write a microeconomics term paper.

I was an English major with an emphasis in writing. I was good at writing critical analysis research paper on the topic.

Term papers in general are pretty easy beings. You have the introduction, body and conclusion. The thesis statement is very important as well as the sources. The thesis should be present in someway in every every paragraph and your research paper should be full of reputable sources. A good rule of thumb is that for every new point made use one supporting citation.

I began writing my microeconomics term paper. I woke up every morning at seven am and headed straight to the library. I couldn’t let my microeconomics term paper beat me. I had to graduate. I had worked so hard for three years. I had taken at least eighteen credit hours every year. I had to graduate on time with my friends.

The microeconomics term paper was far more difficult then I thought it would be. But it was actually sort of fun and interesting. I had to learn a lot of new terms and build a bunch of graphs and pie charts. Overall I really did feel like I learned a lot in a short amount of time since I was so determined. The evening before the paper was due I edited the paper one time thoroughly before I went to bed. The morning of I edited my term paper again before I hit the send button to email it to the professor. I caught many more mistakes that I did not see the previous night. I knew I would pass and graduate that year.

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