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My Dad Found Me A Custom Term Paper Writer

February 15th, 2010

My Dad Found Me A Custom Term Paper Writer

I grew up with a silver spoon in my mouth. Actually I would probably say it was a golden ladle. I have never had to work a day in my life. My dad’s is the head cardiac surgeon at a prominent hospital in LA. He has always taken care of his little girl. I’ve never had to do much for myself. I have never pumped my own gas or even driven myself anywhere. I don’t cook for myself or even do my own hair. Every single thing I have ever wanted has been provided for me and I do realize that I am a total spoil brat. The problem is I don’t know any better. I am just used to living my life like this. I had been home schooled all my life and when I graduated from high school my dad got me into an ivy league college and bought me a three bedroom two bath condo minutes from campus. My first day at college was pretty eye opening. I took notes and found the classes pretty interesting but the work load seemed pretty hefty. That evening as I was looking over the syllabi and reading through all the term papers I would have to write my dad called. He said he was interviewing and doing some critical analysis research on a custom term paper writer for me.

I laughed. I really thought he was joking. He told me to fax him all of my syllabi and he would find a tutor and a custom term paper writer to take care of it. My dad then proceeded make lunch plans so we could sit down and talk about the best candidates for both positions. That was when I realized that he was being absolutely serious.

Yes I had grown up with a lot. But the one thing I wanted to earn was my own degree. I couldn’t believe my dad thought so little of me. I knew how to write a basicresearch papers many times before.

The next day I was prepared to tell my dad that I didn’t need a custom term paper writer that I genuinely wanted to attend college on my own. It was going to be hard. Yes he was my dad but he was a very intimidating person. I wasn’t sure I could stand up to him.

I quickly found my dad in the middle of the restaurant sitting at the table. As I was seated my dad began to wrap up a conference call he was hosting on his cell phone. I took a sip of water and a young man slipped into the seat next to me. I quickly noticed his face, perfect. He had the brightest blue eyes I had ever seen juxtapose with his olive skin and jet black hair. My dad introduced him as my custom term paper writer. Perhaps I could use his help after all.

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