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The Abstract Term Paper Made the Newspaper A Hit

February 23rd, 2010

The Abstract Term Paper Made the Newspaper A Hit

My senior year in college I became editor of the university’s paper. It was my finest hour. I had been part of the staff since I was freshman. I knew the ins and outs of the paper and I knew how to do every single job from layout to editing. I really loved working on the paper. I saw it as my life’s work. I was sure one day I would be doing this for a living. The only problem I had while writing and editing the paper was the opinion spots. In an attempt to get the university students to read the paper we had two opinion sections were we asked the students to write about anything and everything but it was like pulling teeth. I could never find any students who were willing to work write a little blurb up. Did no one out there have an opinion? It really bothered me. As the editor I felt like it was my job to campaign this out. After all, if different students wrote different opinions every week we were bound to have not just the normal followers of reading our paper but new readers as well. I began coining the opinion spot as an abstract term paper.

I would go to various freshman and sophomore English classes and ask the professors to allow me to make my pitch. They often laughed but I knew freshman had a lot to say. They are usually trying to make their mark right off the bat. I had a speech prepared and I really pulled for the abstract term paper. First I went through a basic critical analysis research and citations. Then I juxtapose that long speech with an abstract term paper which in this case was an opinion article. Which was considerably easier and fun. The students would be able to write about anything they wanted. There were few stipulations or restrictions. That usually got a big cheer. It looked as though everyone was fairly interested. There were very few students who scoffed or laughed in my directions. I even got some students who wanted to write for the paper.

My phone rang off the hook. Many people wanted to write their own abstract term paper for the news paper. I had opinion writers lined up for well over six weeks. Some student began comparing their opinion pieces to term papers.

When my staff and I finally finished editing the first paper I was the editor of I was so happy. The paper was phenominal. We had a bunch of great opinions pieces. My editorial was stellar and my staff had really out done themselves with the news articles. I was very impressed when the stacks arrived at my office the next morning. The whole university was talking about it. And I received countless compliments on my editorial but even more on the abstract term paper.

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