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The Topics In Research Papers Have to Be Realistic

May 31st, 2010

Sometimes It Can Be Hard to Find a  Realistic Topic In a Research Paper

Melinda was scouring the Internet for topics in research papers for her roommate. Her roommate was having a freak-out fest because she didn’t know what she was going to hand in to her molecular biology teacher Mr. Chen Wu, who was Chinese and very strict. He had told the class weeks in advance about this 20-page paper, but here was poor Sung-Yoo trying to find topics of research papers at the very last minute.

Now, research papers as they go are already difficult enough without having to do a research paper about molecular biology. Melinda was talking to Sung-Yoo, who was sitting forlornly off to the side on the edge of her twin dorm room bed in the dorm room the girls shared. Melinda was staring at the computer screen, rambling off a random topic in a research paper in molecular biology she found on the Internet. “Okay, Sung-Yoo, what do you know about molecular biology?” “Absolutely nothing, Melinda… I’m failing the class, and I had to beg Mr. Wu to let me stay in the class because I need this research paper for my pre-med track. If I don’t turn this paper in I will fail for sure.” “Oh, here Sung-Yoo, you could do this research paper easily…Why don’t you try writing about microbes?” “No, that won’t work. He knows I didn’t study anything about microbes because I failed the quiz on that subject.” “Okay, well what about doing a research paper on eukaryotic cells? That might be a decent topic. Not too hard, right?” “Oh, Melinda!” Sung-Yoo yelled, “You’re just not being realistic! I can’t talk about eukaryotic cells, I barely know about the pH factor, ribonucleic acids, and the potassium barrier. I’m going to fail for sure!”

Melinda was still fine by all accounts. There was only one little thing that was bothering her. Her Korean roommate had gone crazy and kept saying, “I need Topics in research paper or my professor is going to kill me!!” Melinda said, “Hold on, Sung-Yoo… everything is going to be alright. Sung-Yoo just kept screaming at the top of her head, “Topics in research paper,” while Melinda tried to calm her down. It was actually kind of funny if she wasn’t so serious. But Melinda knew what to do… she called in Sung-Yoo’s other Korean roommates who were also with the exchange program. They would help Sung-Yoo right a great research paper. Her friends helped her give these following four tips, which you can follow too!

1. You have to come up with a skeleton of a paper. There has to be an introduction, body, and conclusion. This is the basic structure of any research paper

2. You have to make sure all of your topic sentences make sense and correlate with the main topic sentence as supporting evidence.

3. You have to make sure the transitions in the paper flow smoothly. Transitions are important that’s how you move from one paragraph to the next in your research paper

4. You have to edit and then revise after you’re finished with your rough draft, then rewrite the paper and turn in a polished product. If a paper is not edited properly this could be the difference between an A or F paper

After Sung-Yoo finished these steps, she was glad she did because she
got an A on her molecular biology paper and passed Mr. Wu’s class, eventually becoming a pediatrician and psychiatrist for children.

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