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I Had to Teach My Students How to Write a Middle School Research Paper

April 28th, 2010

Middle School Research Papers Are a Piece of Case Once You Know What You’re Doing

After I was let go from my job in downtown Boston I began desperately looking for anything to make ends meet. I really needed the money. I had a car payment and a mortgage and I very little in savings. I was so scared that every night I would dream that my house or car was repossess hat is if I could actually fall asleep. The first thing I did when I woke up in the morning was look for jobs online and it was the last thing I did before I went to bed. Looking for a job was a job in itself. I was getting very few interviews and it was my goal to send out at least fifteen resumes a day. Finally my cousin gave me a call. He had heard of an opening in the public school he worked for. One of the seventh grade teachers had gotten pregnant and would be taking maternity leave soon. They wanted a substitute teacher till the end of the school year. My first day in class I went over the unit the students were currently learning from. They were learning how to write middle school research papers. I quickly typed up a list of helpful hints to get them through this unit.

1.Basic middle school research paper includes, the introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction tells your audience what you will tell them. The body goes into great detail about what your paper is really about. That means each of the points you previously made will be allotted one paragraph where you will go into detail on each point.

2.Please use the MLA style citation method. Please use the following as your guide:

Last name of author, first name of author. Title of Book. City of publishing: Printer name. Year published.

3.Research is very important. It is important that you Do some reading for all of the middle school research paper . Yes it can be tempting especially at this juncture in your life to find books that you want to read. The only way you can truly site a good source is to make sure.

4.Please edit your elementary school research paper . Do a quick read through before you hit the print button. A poorly edited paper can be the difference between an A paper and an F.

5.Consider using term-papers-writer.com They are a great resource for all of your paper writing needs of all ages

6. Remember, middle school research papers can be difficult. Yes content is really import but I am really looking to see if you are following the basic format for the paper.

I was very happy to have taken over the role of the new substitute teacher for this class. They were very well mannered and behaved. And the consistent paycheck was definitely an added bonus.

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