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Free Research Papers Are Hard to Come By

May 15th, 2010

The First Time You’ll Receive A Free Research Paper

My best friend Paula married Michael after a week of knowing him. One afternoon as I was sitting at my cubicle I got a text message “I got married this morning.” I pretty much lost it sitting at my cubicle. I grabbed my cell phone, walked right outside into the freezing cold winter and proceeded to yell at the very top of my lungs. She of course was taken aback and ended up hanging up on me. I tried to believe she was joking. I couldn’t believe that she would really do something that stupid. I went back to work and about twenty minutes later I got a text message where she said she was just kidding. I then knew she was totally and completely serious. And I proceeded to run to the rest room and upchucked the egg salad sandwich I had for lunch. I called Paula on my way home and tried to be as calm as possible. It was really very hard. I had no idea what I was going to do. Paula lived with her parents and made money writing research papers for students who obviously didn’t want to write their own papers. She made an okay living at it but she first roped in her customers by offering a free research paper. My friend may be an idiot when it came to relationships but when it came to papers she really knew what she was doing. She offered this disclaimer “I offer free research papers so I can prove to you how great my writing ability really is.” All of her papers were also accompanied with the following tips.

1.The best research paper is one that has passion. Pick a topic that matters to you. Something that you really enjoy that is important to you. If this is done your paper will be written much better than a topic you have no desire to write about.

2.Always know what citation method your professor wants you to write. This can be the difference between an A paper and an F.

3.Do your research. This is probably the most important thing when writing a research paper. Really get your butt to the library and spend some quality time reading. Sit down open up books and journals and spend at least a good solid ten hours reading. It’s very important to focus on books and journals. Try and bypass internet sources they are usually not very reliable.

4. When I write a free research paper or any other paper I edit early and often. You will receive an automatic fail on your paper if you have any grammar or spelling errors. That being said it is very difficult to edit your own work. Always have another set of eyes look your paper over.

My best friend may be one of the dumbest people in the world when it comes to relationships but her free research papers idea really allowed her to get her business rolling. I may never like Mike and I’ll probably never be able to accept her stupidity and carelessness but she she’s my best friend and not a bad research paper writer.

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