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Learning An Essential Term Paper Format Allowed Me To Make Money.

January 31st, 2010

Learning An Essential Term Paper Format Allowed Me To Make Money.

Sometimes when I’m driving to work or down the street my mind wanders. I watch people. I see couples dressed up and I wonder where they’re going. I watch people laughing and giggling on the phone. I see little children strapped into car seats and five people packed into a compact car laughing. They all seem so happy. I wonder why my life can’t be like that. I want to be happy. I want to have friends. I want to have a family. I wonder why we are dealt the cards we have. Why some people have such a seemingly easy life and others always have to struggle. I was one of those people who has had to struggle all my life. And sometimes I was just down right bitter about it. I made many bad choices in life. I wore my heart of my sleeve. I always gave everything I had to my relationships. I didn’t know how to balance my personal life and my professional life. I had just come out of a relationship that isolated me from friends and family, buried in bills. I decided to get a part time job as a academic writer. I wrote term papers for students who weren’t able to do it themselves. I really needed the money and I had always been a good writer. The problem was being a good writer wasn’t enough. I really had to figure out the correct term paper format as well.

Different papers require a different term paper format. Depending on if you’re writing acritical analysis research paper, they’re are so many different variables. I had to learn to master them if I wanted to make a living doing this. The basic term paper format was what I decided to work with:

1.Introduction paragraph- tell them what you’re going to talk about. Include a thesis statement.
2.Seperrate each point into it’s own paragraph. Have a supporting citation for each main point.
3. Make sure you know what citation format you are using APA(in text) or MLA (footnotes)
4.Last paragraph- tell them what you just told them, again, and bring back your thesis and conclude your paper.

I thought it was a fairly easy term paper format to follow. I could essentially plug in any kind of term paper I needed into this standard equation. At least one thing in if my life was easy.

I knew I needed to get out of this jaded mindset. Now that I would be making extra cash mastering a great term paper format I could be a little less thrifty. I began going out, finding friends, trying not to be so judgmental of others and living in the moment. It was nice to have people to talk to. People to share ideas with and generally remember how to act in social situations. I had more energy, more confidence and was now not only watching other people having fun and living their life but I was participating as well.

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