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My Term Paper Editing Skills Allowed Him To Stay on the Team

February 7th, 2010

My Term Paper Editing Skills Allowed Him To Stay on the Team

I am an anomaly in the publishing world. I have been an editor for eight years and I really love it. But the truth was the reason I became an editor was that I didn’t have a creative bone in my body. I have always been a horrible writer. I am not a very extroverted person. I can’t be funny or get a story to flow correctly. Most people in my position had gone from editing to writing. But I knew that just was not in the cards for me. I would be an editor till the day I died. My forte was verbs, conjugations and sentence structure. At my company editors often got stuck writing some ghost chapters for some high level authors. It was actually great for most editors since they had aspirations of being writers someday. I on the other hand did not. So when my publisher came up to me requesting some term paper editing help I laughed until he told me I was suppose to write the term paper as well.

I was a little taken aback when my supervisor, Michael, asked me for term paper editing help. Michael pulled me aside one afternoon and told me his son, Tim, had been having a ton of problems at school. Namely he was an amazing lacrosse player who simply just didn’t have time to keep his grades up. He needed a stellar research paper or he would not only flunk out of his university but he of course would never be able to play lacrosse on the collegiate level again.

I really thought Michael had lost it. He knew that I really believed I was not a good writer. But he quickly explained that writing term papers were different. It was not about being funny or interesting but getting the facts across and proving a point. He also handed me a basic research paper structure which outlined a basic term paper. This included an introduction, body and conclusion. A strong thesis was needed. As well as an even stronger conclusion. I also had to used the MLA footnotes citation method. Michael continued to reiterate that term paper editing was fairly mechanical and little to no creativity was needed.

Michael was willing to pay me a large some to ensure the graduation and participation in collegiate sports for his son. I began doing some key analysis research on the topic and found myself at the library daily. I had to laugh. I had not been to the library in ages. Even when I was in college the most time I had ever spent on a paper was a couple of hours. I slowly realized that editing played a very key role in the flow of the paper.

When I finally got down to the editing, I found it to be a piece of cake. Since I had written the paper for Tim, editing it came very easily. I knew what I was trying to say and the ideas really flowed. I edited the paper fully. Then got up, walked away and came back to the term paper a couple of hours later and edited it again. I had begun doing this five years ago. I found that many mistakes become more clear after you have a cup of tea and come back to the paper with a fresh set of eyes.

Tim turned in my term paper and was indeed able to stay on the lacrosse team and Michael was beyond happy for his son. And I was happy that my lack of imagination paid off when it came to term paper editing.

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