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Math Assignment Term Paper Made My Job Much Easier

January 3rd, 2010

Math Assignment Term Paper Made My Job Much Easier

I am good at many things. I am a great swimmer. I love to run and I’d like to think of myself as a really good writer. Math is not my strong point but I force myself to balance my check book and do my own taxes. Numbers just don’t make sense to me. I know that they should but they don’t. I become so frustrated when I have to do any sort of math. I just can’t handle it. I can never get the numbers to match. In order to work my way through college I am hostess at a pretty popular restaurant. It’s a really fun job. The other employees are great and I meet lots of interesting people. Since tips are split the money is pretty good. One day I was doing some critical analysis research for class during a really slow shift. My supervisor approached me about a position he wanted to offer me as an assistant manager. The pay was almost three times what I made now. It was hard to pass up. Even with two student loans I was really having a hard time financially. I took the position and the job seemed pretty easy until it came to crunching numbers. I was in charge of doing all the ordering for the restaurant. I had a budget I had to stick and still had to figure out a way to buy all of the goods we needed. My manager smiled at me when he could see my frustration. He said “Your a college gal, think of it as a math assignment term paper.”

My math assignment term paper was super difficult. I could not make the numbers match. No matter what I did. I was always over budget. I could not figure out a way to make it work. I was always so nervous about being out of potatoes or linen. I couldn’t imagine one of the servers having to tell a patron “oh sorry we’re out of bread tonight.” I felt like it was just too much responsibility for me. Thankfully I had two weeks to get my butt in gear before I needed to make a huge order.

I decided to get some research paper assistance from the math department. I didn’t tell them exactly why I needed the help but I approached it as though I just needed help with my term paper. They gave me some excellent tips when writing a math assignment term paper.

1.Since most people are visual make a table with colorful graphs.

2. It will also help to see what goods are needed right away. Create a spreadsheet. Once you know the formulas it will do all the math for you.

3. Use of visual presentations not only will help you get your point across but it will also help with the page count for your term paper.

I was very grateful for the math department’s help on my math assignment term paper. When I got to work the next day I created a spreadsheet that essentially did all the work for me. I also made some digital graphs that were virtually able to determine when I would need to order certain goods. It wasn’t perfect but it seemed to be working. My supervisor was very happy and impressed with the way I had taken over the position and was happy that I had attacked the ordering as an analysis research paper rather than giving up and going back to being a hostess.

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