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My Government Term Paper Really Sent Waves Through the Office

January 2nd, 2010

My Government Term Paper Really Set Waves Through the Office

I am a white female. I come from an upper to middle class family in the Northern Suburbs of Baltimore. After I graduated from college with a BA in Journalism thrust into the worst job market ever I got a job in corporate America as a receptionist in a huge marketing firm. At times I felt like I was in a fashion show, I had to wear dresses and heals everyday. I had style my hair and even put on make up. It was so weird. I sat at a huge desk fielding calls about things I knew nothing about. I had to copy, fax and frustrated, clean shaven salesmen often asked me to do things that took just as much time to explain as it would have been for them to do themselves. I felt so above this job. But I desperately needed the money. I was sick of having my parents mail me a check every month and even more sick of my dad asking me when I was getting a job. For the most part things were okay. I did my job everyday and went home. The second month I worked there my manager decided to put a huge flat screen television set in the front lobby. Sounded like a good idea but he also picked the station we would have to watch all day. It was a cable news station that had the market ticker scrolling at the bottom of the screen. It also spewed right winged views all day. I had to hear uptight right wing men who wore suites that were more expensive than my car comment about it daily. I kept my mouth shut for the first couple of days but then I decided a government term paper was in order.

Just because I happen to fit the idea right wing background doesn’t mean I don’t have a mind of my own. I have my own thoughts, opinions and ideas. They assumed because I fit their mold that I agreed with their political banter. It really bothered me. Some of the ideas and thoughts that would come out of these salesman mouth made my skin crawl. I was getting really very frustrated with how freely they spoke and how they assumed I was on their side just because of the color of my skin and where I come from. I quickly went to work on my government term paper.

Now I am not confrontational person. But I do stand up for what I believe in. I decided to write a government term paper that would pinpoint all of the flaws in their logic. I also wanted them to see the other side of the argument. I came up with examples of people who had had an abortion, people who had been hurt by guns and why having an African American president was a welcome change. It really was a great term paper.

I had to do some key critical analysis research on the paper though. I didn’t want their to be any blemishes. I wanted to be able to back up my arguments with good reputable sources. I decided that for my government term paper I would stick to political and law journals. Any website could say anything they wanted and would not be a good source. I proposed my thesis stating that the purpose of my term paper was to inform the misinformed and not to cause dissent or ill feelings towards me or anyone else.

The next day I printed thirty copies of my government term paper. I made sure to write “for internal use only” per compliance and I put one in everyone’s box. I thought my research paper was written more to inform rather than to berate anyone. I received lot of positive feedback but mostly negative. I stood my ground and I thought I had good counterpoints for everyone point they made. I think in the end everyone respected me more for having stood up for what I believed in.

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