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The Term Paper Summary Got me Fired

February 25th, 2010

The Term Paper Summary Almost Got me Fired

I had been a teacher’s assistant since I was sophomore in college. I had always been the TA for the honors writing class. I really loved the job. The pay was a nominal stipend but I really just did it for the students. They were great. I also really like the professor I worked with. Dr. Johnson was older than the book of Ruth but he was an awesome professor. At the end of my junior year he told me he would be retiring. I was upset but I knew it would be the best thing for Dr. Johnson. I think we all felt he had been stretching himself a little thin. He was well over sixty taught four classes a day five days a week. At his retirement party Dr Johnson introduced me to his replacement Professor Jude Phillips. He couldn’t me more than six years older than me. This must have been his first job write out of graduate school. Something about him made my skin crawl. He was indeed very handsome. I could tell he worked out he really walked with a strut and wore a lot of cologne. I began to dread the first day I would be his teaching’s assistant. He told me to call him Jude outside the classroom. And he asked to to go on at least three business lunches before class would begin in January. The first week as a teaching assistant went. Until Jude asked me for a term paper summary on each term paper that the students turned in.

At first I thought I heard wrong. I mean was Jude really asking me to do his entire job for him? Jude specifically asked that I read through all the research papers I received and type up a term paper summary on each one. He told he just didn’t have the time to read through each paper and asked if this was something I would be willing to do. I quickly did some critical analyses research in my head. Jude had three classes a day five days with roughly eighteen students in each class. If I was suppose to write a term paper summary on each one that came across my than I could be writing well over two hundred summaries on each.

Jude seemed as though he was perfectly fine with me having this kind of work load. He often thought I wasn’t working hard enough. He failed to remember that along with being a teacher’s assistant I was also a full time student.

The work load became so difficult that I couldn’t keep up. Jude would become irate at times when a term paper summary was not completed in a timely manner. I tried to get Jude to understand that it wouldn’t take much time to read even a few of the term papers but in his eyes he just didn’t have the time and he got angry that I ever mentioned it.

I finally decided to go to the Dean of Students. I explained the situation in detail to him and he in turned told me he wold take care of it. The next day Jude fired me from being his teacher’s assistant. He told me it was because I just couldn’t keep up with the work load. The following week Jude was fired and I was hired to teach the rest of the advanced writings in the interim. I even got a teacher’s assistant who I never did as to write a term paper summary for me.

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