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Belonging Essay

Where is my sense of belonging? Explore this and many other questions in your belonging essay


 To feel rootless is perhaps one of the worst things that you could experience in a lifetime. There are many situations that people go through that cause this kind of lack of belonging. There have been countless situations where hordes of people have had to move from the lands of their birth to towns and cities that they had no idea of. You could think of many topics that you could write a belonging essay on. If you are running short of fresh ideas in this subject, you could get in touch with us at TermPaperWriter.org. With fresh insights into the topic, with a background of Psychology and Sociology, we can ensure that your topic is new and full of info too.

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  • The rootless feeling in a war ravaged country. For many years, the Sri Lankan Tamils fought for a separate identity and homeland. From political uprisings to terrorist attacks, every form of protest was tried. In the background of this strife was the ordinary poor Tamil farm laborer who was displaced. With roots in India and in Sri Lanka they became outcastes in both countries, leading to the feeling of desperation and rootless existence. Explore this feeling and comment on how this has come to be an offshoot of war in any country.
  • Your alma mater - a sense of belonging - do we all possess it? There seems to be a moment of pride in the hearts of many students who pass through the portals of any great educational institution. One always wants to be associated with the university, school or college, even after one has left it many years ago. There is a sense of pride and belonging when we talk about our alma mater. In today's times of fast changing priorities does this sense of belonging really matter when one talks of one's old educational institution? Explore this in your essay.
  • The family unit - is there such a unit in existence in every country in the world? Your essay could focus on the changes that have taken place in society in developed countries. The disconnect that exists between members of a family could be explored in your essay.

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