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Analysis Research Paper

The Important Parts of Analysis Research Papers

Analysis research papers are research materials that involve rigorous study cases. An analysis research is a certain project that opens opportunities for numerous discoveries and findings about a particular topic. This type of research paper requires thorough exploration for insights about the topic and its underlying concepts which needs to be done through a precise analyis method.

Three major parts comprise analysis research papers.

  • First is the thesis statement and its sub-parts. A research paper is intended to gather more information about an already existing and established concept. It is intended to dig deeper about a concept, for a better understanding of that particular body of knowledge. The thesis statement is the one that gives a general overview of the specific subject matter you have pursued to research on. Formulating a thesis statement is a very crucial part of writing a research paper. In fact, many find it to be a time and effort consuming task.
  • Methodology is what follows next in analysis research papers. An analysis research asks for more emphasis on the analysis part of the study unlike any other type of research. All there is to know about the analysis segment of the research is stated through the methodology. The methodology tells the series of steps and experiments done under the analysis method.
  • The concluding part is the last possible part of the research paper. After gathering data and information about a concept and putting them on a deliberate analysis, it is imperative to have a clear and concise conclusion. The conclusion you would arrive on has to be aligned with your thesis statement at the beginning of the research paper. Your conclusion would either prove or disprove the claim you have stated in your thesis statement.

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