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Getting term Term Papers for Free – seems like a dream come true; wait till you go through it completely


There is the case of this young student who was desperate to get a free paper to submit. He was doing a course in English Literature and had opted for African American Literature this term. At the end of the term he was asked to submit an assignment. He was asked to compare and contrast the styles of two important African American poets – Langston Hughes and Claude McKay. Though he was a good student and knew quite a bit about these two poets, he could not complete the paper because he met with an accident and broke his left forearm. Unfortunately, this student was a left-hander – writing was totally out of the question and so was typing. He thought his problem was solved when he saw the sign - term papers for free! The going was good till he got his marks from his supervisor.


It was a complete shock to him; he had been accused of plagiarizing a paper up to 85%. This was something he could not understand or accept. How could this be happening to him? He had taken the paper and used it because it was clearly mentioned that it was free. What he failed to read was the fine print at the bottom of the particular site that he took it from. The sign said this: copy and paste at your own risk – wow! How clever! He could do nothing to convince his teacher and hence had to redo the entire paper and earn a penalty of 15 marks on the whole test. This left him completely shattered; he had been taken for such a good ride that he did not know what was happening for a very long time. Term papers for free – a sign that had turned his world upside down.

Here are some tips that we at Termpaperwriter.org would like to give you

  • For the sake of your own wellbeing, it is absolutely essential that you read the fine print on any website that claims to give you free term papers or any other kind of academic writing.
  • Check the quality of these so called free samples. You might find that they do not follow any kind of format properly.
  • Go through the language content of a free paper to see how simple it is – if you realize that it has too many fancy lines, then you know it is not worth using.
  • The most important issue that you need to look at is the pricing. Look right through the ‘free paper’ and you might find that there are a couple of threads attached – you might have to pay a small amount, the details of which are not mentioned upfront.

When you see the sign, term papers for free, make sure that you know more about the site that provides term papers online. Whether it is a war term paper or any other topic, do not use the paper without checking for plagiarism. Make sure that the term paper site you use is genuine like Termpaperwriter.org.


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