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Research Paper Rubric

Know what a Research Paper Rubric is About

A research paper rubric is an evaluation method used by academic institutions in assessing research papers submitted by students. It is a study document tool devised in a certain way which the committee considers to be appropriate to properly gauge the students' capability in conducting research.

Research paper rubricMost educational institutions are subject to a system rating for evaluation of school file materials. If you have been instructed to accomplish a research paper, expect that it would be graded using a very specific scoring technique drawn out as the rubric. Many students do not realize this, many are not aware of how big a role a research paper rubric occupies in determining a passable, good, or excellent research paper.

A project file scoring, such as a research paper rubric, needs to cover several specific factors:

  • Is the research paper precise?
  • Is the writer's central purpose or argument apparent to the reader?
  • Is it a balanced presentation of data and information that clearly supports the central argument?
  • Is there an in-depth analysis of the topic chosen?
  • Is it written in a professional tone which is appropriate for a research paper?
  • Is it free from grammatical and spelling errors?
  • In cases where an oral defense is required, was the student able to present and explain his work properly?

These are some of the considerations included in a rubric. Usually, a scoring tool like this uses certain values for grading. It may be a number range, an alphabet character, or phrases that stand for specific grade values. For example, numbers from 1 to 5 with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. Depending on the preference of the panel or grading committee, any of these value coordinates may be used.

In most cases, instructors provide their students with a copy of the research paper rubric upon announcing the research activity requirement. How the students will be graded, an overview on how scores are generally distributed, and the criteria to be used in evaluation are normally discussed before asking the students to conduct the research. Along with these, keypointers about the strength of the thesis statement, coherence of the methodology and presentation of the conclusion are also discussed. This gives students an idea of what to focus on in writing their research paper.

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