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Research Paper Outline Template

Check out some details of this research paper outline template that you can use for an English Literature research paper


English Literature, at the best of times, is a subject that seems easy to cope with. However, this is not true in the long run. There is so much to read, compare, research and understand that at the end of it all, your grades stagnate way down at the bottom. Therefore, when you need to do a research paper on a topic in English Literature, there is a lot that you have to think about. In order to make things a bit easy for students like you, TermPaperWriter.org would like to update you on the excellent research paper outline template that is available at a very reasonable price.

Have you ever given a moment’s thought as to how a template for research papers has to be designed? Well, here at TermPaperWriter.org design and execution are ongoing processes and we do not hesitate to bring in new and refreshing ideas to help our clients. In the wake of copying issues and tests of genuineness, we have been able to hold our heads up high because we have never for a moment even contemplated copying of any kind. This is has given us a status of being a much sought after firm in online writing circles.

Template for English Literature topics where a literary work is analyzed

Let us imagine that you are working on the intricacies of the Shakespearean play, Othello. Your paper focuses on the relevance of the play and its themes, if the setting was present day. What would the template be like?

  • The introduction would focus on the theme as portrayed by the Bard. It would also describe the purpose of the research paper clearly. This would be the crux of the thesis statement.
  • The body of the research paper would emphasize on the various themes that can be studied in the present context. This section can be categorized into studies on various themes. Of course, each of the subsections needs to have suitable citations from the play to demonstrate or validate a point.
  • The analysis of the examples that you have brought in will form the next part of the template.
  • The discussion of the analysis made and the comments on the same will be next.
  • The final part of the template will give an outline for the conclusion and final comments.

Instead of wondering about preparing the right research paper outline, take some time to go through our research paper outline samples. We have put together a few outlines that are generally used by students. Our research paper outline guide is also another useful tool that you can make use of. All you need to do is to understand the guide completely and apply it to the subject and topic on hand.

Any research paper outline template that we provide is custom-made to the maximum. So, get back to us with your requirements and we can give you one for English Literature, Psychology, Science or any other subject you need in a very short time.


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