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Original Research Paper Topics

A Recommended Process for Selecting Original Research Paper Topics


Writing complex academic papers such as research papers is one of the most challenging tasks faced by students in their academic career. This task receives a sufficient grade and sometimes can be in the form of a final assignment required to complete a degree level study. Therefore, students need to groom and develop their talents and skills towards performing this task to the required standards. One of the main elements in effective research writing is the selection of an appropriate topic. Original research paper topics are important to research paper writing. The selecting of topics should adhere to a systematic process than being done in an ad-hoc fashion.



Coming up with original topics may sound an impossible task After all, research papers have a section which requires review of literature on the subject which assess existing work done on the topic area. If students were to come up with topics, which is original and no one else has explored, then there would not be a literature review to the research paper. However, what is being meant by original research paper topics need to be interpreted with practical sense in this context. Most subject areas would have been explored and investigated by many scholars but students can come up with new approaches and investigate them in relation to a new target population etc. There could also be a specific aspect of the topic which was not discussed before or a completely different perspective to be offered on the subject matter. Originality in topics can also be achieved by coming up with hypothesis which oppose an existing theory.

A systematic process of selecting a research paper topic should be followed closely in order to come up with original research paper topics. A good topic is one which meets the requirements of the research paper assignment. It should also be central to the subject area and be dynamic in nature. Topics which can be associated clearly with issues and problems that are apparent in the field being studied are useful. Such apparent issues and problems can yield topics and research questions that can make a significant contribution to the study field though the findings of the study.

If the topic in research papers has to be approached in innovative and original fashion, then the student must have familiarity and expertise in the subject area. For example, if a student is well competent in the subject area of employee performance appraisals, then he or she is in a better position to innovatively delve in to this topic area to come up with a truly original concept for the research study. However, if the same student chose the subject area of employee commitment and lacks knowledge on this topic, then it is unlikely that they can come up with innovative and original research ideas.

Having considered these issues, students should brainstorm on their own and with other parties that can help, on coming up with original ideas. These ideas should be evaluated for their originality and innovative perspectives and the best options should be selected based on the topic viability. After all, no matter how original and innovative a topic is, the student should be in a position to practically conduct the research study and write the research paper.

There are many ways to locate topics to write a research paper. Out of these the most common method is through online help. The internet has a wealth of topic ideas which students can use for selecting original topics. If students need assistance selecting original research paper topics, they should consider the help of Termpaperwriter.org. The writers at Termpaperwriter.org are experts in various study disciplines and would be able to come up with dynamic and highly innovative topic ideas that can make your research paper stand out from the rest. The Termpaperwriter.org writers are well versed in all types of academic writing ranging from term papers to comprehensive research papers and dissertations. Stringent quality assurance of the Termpaperwriter.org ensures of 100% original work that is free of plagiarism.


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