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Literary Research Paper

Choosing the Right Topic to Work On

Thorough research is the main thing required in making a literary research paper. It is not something that can be accomplished in a day or two. To come up with a well-written research paper, several steps need to be taken into action, starting with selecting a topic for your research paper. That would be followed by formulating the thesis statement, gathering data from reliable information sources, organizing the gathered data and documenting everything.

  • Choosing a topic is the first priority. This may be something you already have in mind, something that you have wanted to research on for a long time. In case you seem to have run out of research paper topic ideas, scanning through primary texts and reading journals is your best resort. Look for a certain topic that intrigues or tickles your interest.
  • For a well-researched extended literary paper a central argument is needed to serve as your focus. The central question being discussed in any kind of research paper is very important. That being said, you should not limit yourself to a single topic selection. Decide which branch of literature you want to tackle, be it prose, poetry, or popular fiction. You can pick the one you like best, or the one which you are most knowledgeable of. Either way, the trick is to simply let your enthusiasm shine through and reflect in the way you present your points.
  • All literary works are made with characters. Discussing one or a group of characters who are central to the literary piece you have chosen is a good way to go with a literary research paper as it opens lots of possibilities for exploration. Another idea is to compare and contrast different authors. The subject can be famous authors, authors of a specific period of time or era, or simply the authors you like. Many specific images are recurring in literary and poetic works; a good example is the full moon appearance. An analysis of these specific images used in prose and poetry is another interesting pick.

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