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Leadership Term Paper

What are good leaders made of? Answer this and a lot more in your leadership term paper


Leaders, they say, are born, not made… Well, it depends on your personal point of view and the examples you have to back it. Writing a leadership term paper could be just as challenging as putting across a fresh school of thought to a group of people whom you want to impress. Most of the time, this is what a leader has to do. To begin with, he needs to be convinced about the strength of his beliefs so that he can pass on the same to those he thinks would follow him. This might sound easy; but in reality it is quite challenging to become a leader and sustain the position for a considerable period of time.

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Some leadership topics to think about:

  • Lead by example. This is probably the best technique that one could adopt in a difficult situation. Especially when there is a need to get through an emergency, it is necessary for the leader to be cool and calm while tackling the situation. Your term paper could make use of examples of various leaders who have exhibited this trait in war and brought their groups out unscathed because of their ability to lead by example.
  • Does a leader have an Achilles heel? To all followers, a leader is an infallible personality who cannot have a chink in his or her armor. This is a fact that is always disputed at some point of time during the life or career of an eminent leader. You could examine this from a psychological point of view to ascertain whether these chinks finally cause the downfall of the leader.
  • Leading a country. Even in a democracy there could be a handful of leaders who put their heads together to come up with the right strategy to lead the government. Your term paper could compare how this contrasts with the role that a king would play in a monarchy. This would certainly make an interesting term paper.

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