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College Research Paper Outline

Why College Students Should Use a College Research Paper Outline


College research paper outline is an important element of writing research papers in college. The usefulness of outlines in writing assignments would have been reiterated in countless essay writing tasks undertaken by students. However, the structure for the outline of the college research paper is different from that of the essay. Therefore, it is important for students to know how to outline their research papers accordingly.


A research paper requires students to carry out extensive research on a topic. There will be material acquired through research which will need to be organized in the proper order. Without proper grouping of the content, students will be unable to achieve cohesion and meaningfulness in the research paper being written. Therefore, the outline is an essential element in the research writing process as much as it was in essay writing.

Students who are new to writing research papers will not be thorough with how to draw up a proper and meaningful outlines. These students will be benefited by using a research paper outline guide. The guide will provide them the information they need to draw up a proper outline before they write the research paper.

Apart from the guide, students will be benefited by learning the basic parts of the research paper as this will help them to write the outline better. These basic parts are also available in any research paper guide or a research paper template. Students can refer to such documents in order to gain a proper understanding of how to structure the outline of the research paper.

A standard college research paper outline will consist of an abstract, introduction, methodology, results, discussion and conclusion. Under these main sections, the outline should carry relevant sub sections. This allows the student to expand each subsection during the writing phase to give comprehensive coverage to points under each section.

  • Abstract- This is a short summary of the entire research paper. It will be approximately 200 words in length.
  • Introduction –This will present a brief synopsis of the background of the topic, and will contain the central research question.
  • Methodology –This will present the research design. There are few key sections to be mentioned in the outline such as research methods, sampling strategy, data collection and data analysis. Limitations of study are another sub section within the methodology to be marked in the outline. 
  • Results –This will present the results of the data gathered and analysed. If it is a qualitative study, the results will be presented in descriptive manner while a quantitative research will present numeric results generated through statistical analysis.
  • Discussion –This will present the main analysis of the results and the main sub sections to be included in the outline depends upon the key study questions which will be discussed under each sub section.
  • Conclusion – This will summarize the entire research paper and will provide the solution to the problem.

If students are unsure as to how to do their college research paper outline, they can go online and peruse a number of research paper outline templates. Such templates can educate students on how to outline their research papers effectively and correctly.

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