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Topics For Research Papers Are Not Easy

March 25th, 2010

Pick a Broad Yet Specific Topic Research Paper

My sophomore year in college I became a teacher’s assistant for a really awesome English teacher. He was great: funny, interesting and he really cared about his students. I really enjoyed everything about him so when he asked me to be his teaching assistant the following year I couldn’t say no. But then I learned that teaching assistants do the majority of the teaching and work. I realized how incredibly lazy he was. He wanted me to do everything. It was just so much work I could hardly handle it. I had my own course work to think about, I became really frustrated. I just didn’t think I signed up for this. That is to create lesson plans, teach classes, pick the curriculum and grade papers. He even wanted me to think out all the topics for research papers.

In some ways I ended up mastering the art of finding a topic a research paper by pure necessity and I am now passing those ideas on to you.

1.Pick a broad yet specific topic. I know that’s easier said than done. You don’t want to pick topics for research papers that are large with a massive amount of info. If you do your professor will always feel like you left something out. In contrast you don’t want to pick too narrow of a topic since then you will only have enough info to fill two pages. If your going to write a biblical topic paper essay don’t just pick Jesus, instead pick the Historical Jesus.

2. Make sure you have enough sources. Nothing is worse then a topic research paper that is so obscure there are few sources to choose from. You always want at least five. Yes most scholars will say that three sources are good, go with five. Trust me. Furthermore make sure you find good reputable sources, that would be books, journals and periodicals. Never use more than one internet source.

3.Understand your basic format for a research paper. The introduction, body and conclusion are basics that not many students grasp. The Introduction, tell them what you are going to tell them and introduce basic points. The body, is the subsequent paragraphs that go into great detail about each point you introduced in the beginning. The conclusion, is the last paragraph that sums up your essay and where your main points are reiterated.

4.To help you maintain your topic research paper create an outline. This will help you greatly. It will keep you on task with your paper and narrow your focus to the topic at hand as opposed to going off any random tangent that comes to mind.

5.Consider using term-papers-writer.com to help with all your research and term paper needs. They offer fifteen percent off your first order and unlimited amendments. In other words they will rewrite your paper until you are happy with it.

Topics for research papers do not have to be hard you just have to pick a topic that will be relevant and exciting to you. Yes I do realize we are talking about writing term papers and not the mall but if given the right opportunity with the right spin you pretty can write about almost anything you want.

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