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My Term Paper Writing Sent Me Back Home

March 7th, 2010

My Term Paper Writing Sent Me Back Home

I use to laugh at all the people in the world who stayed in the same exact place they are born and raised. I mean honestly why can’t people get out, grow up and live a little. Life is just too short to live in once place. And seriously who wants to always be around their family? Sometimes it’s just nice to not be around all the drama. I always wanted to live in a warm climate by the beach with palms trees as my neighbors. When I turned eighteen I left Roanoke, Virginia for Jupiter Florida. I love Florida I was at the beach every weekend and the weather was phenomenal After the initial newness wore off I really began to just get bored. Life was weird. I had a couple of friends but they were just work friends. I didn’t have anyone to hang out with. No one to go out to eat with or anyone to visit at their home. I really felt a bit out of sorts. I found myself calling my mom everyday just to hear a familiar face. And when the weekends came I was just stuck at home with nothing to do. It was then that I began doing some term paper writing.

I really needed something to pass the time. There are many things in life we say we wish we could do if we had the time. Mine had always been to learn more about my family. My family was from Dublin, Ireland. I had always wanted to trace my family history and share it with my parents who were both very successful chemist in Virginia. Due to their careers they never had time to do any critical analysis research on their family tree. I decided to write a detail term paper so they would have something to reference years from now.

Jupiter, Florida did have a great library. And I also had online access to many other resources, my term paper writing started there. I learned so much about my family history. Namely that my great grandfather had fought in many wars. I was even able to pull a picture of him up. He looked just like my brother. My research paper was getting better and better with every weekend that past.

I had always been very good at writing term papers. I understood the importance of a thesis. As well as the format: Introduction, body and conclusion. Because I was unsure of where my term paper writing would take me, I wrote a very loose term paper outline before I began the paper. It really helped me stay on task and not lose the focus of my paper.

Six months later my term paper writing was complete. Not only did I fly back to Roanoke, Virginia with my paper in toe. I also flew back with all the belongs I could carry on the plane. The warm weather in Florida was great but it was nothing compared to the love and devotion I had from my family. I now knew why people stayed where they were born and raised because there really is no place like home.

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