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The Term Paper Thesis Helped Me Find My Niche

March 3rd, 2010

The Term Paper Thesis Helped Me Find My Niche

There are very few things that I really dislike in life. Most things don’t bother me. But when I met the man of my dreams and had to move three states away I halfway considered finding someone else. I hate to move. I hate packing I hate lugging things around and asking people to help me move. I despise driving a huge truck especially the hundred miles away and I don’t like when people see all my personal belongings. I am a very private person. I don’t want someone helping me with my bed or move boxes full of my underwear. It’s just odd to me. I would rather do anything else but move. I’d rather gouge my eyes out then throw all my stuff in a box and then unpack it all a few days later. But Ryan my fiancee was wonderful and so I began to pack. I occasionally would run into my old college term papers and books and throw them in a box. I began remembering how much I loved to write. I was reminded of the term paper thesis and the various parts of a paper. I decided to start pursuing my writing again.

Ryan represented for me what would be a new beginning. I loved Ryan and moving to a whole other state was something I was doing for me. I did not have a job, friends or family in Maine. But Ryan had gotten a great job as a graphic designer t and told me I could do what ever I wanted. I could go back to school, get a job or even just sit around all day. I didn’t want to do the latter. I had always been a very active person. I wanted to do something I loved again, write.

I thought writing term papers would be a quick way to get back into it. It would be a wonderful way to make extra money and a consistent way to get back to writing everyday. I remembered my old english teacher telling me that a term paper thesis was the most important part of a research paper. So when I got a job writing analysis research papers I really tried to focus on the term paper thesis.

When I wrote a term paper I really did my best with it. I would write a quick outline on exactly what direction I wanted it to go. I jotted down the introduction and the main points I would focus on. I would also detail out each paragraph and put in the appropriate citations I would be using. The concluding paragraph would sum up the paper and I would also restate the main points. Lastly the term paper thesis would be present throughout the entire essay.

I started making quite a bit of money writing term papers for college students. It was rather nice having a purpose and making money. Ryan was happy since he really thought I would be absolutely miserable in Maine but was glad that I had found a small niche in our new place with the term paper thesis.

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