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The Term Paper Summary Helped Me Get The Job

February 20th, 2010

The Term Paper Summary Helped Me Get The Job

Sometimes its nice to have a distraction, especially when you are going through something horrible. I have been with my boyfriend, Rick for eight years. He was such a great guy. He did everything for me. He always opened the door for me bought me flowers once a week and always told me he loved me. I adored him. He honestly was my world. Rick was nine years older than me but I really believed he was such a great boyfriend because he was indeed a man not a boy. Rick was the publisher of a major newspaper in Roanoke, Virginia. One of the biggest things that attracted me to him was him power and stature. People answered to him and respected him. I always wondered what in the world he ever saw in me. I really was nothing very special. One afternoon as I was writing a term paper summary my cell phone rang and Rick’s smiling face popped on my the screen.

Rick had called me to ask what I wanted for dinner. I smiled. I had no idea what I ever did to deserve such a great guy. An hour or so later as I was editing my term paper, he pulled into my driveway and the headlights from his foreign car graced my windows. We sat talked and ate. I really enjoyed having a real conversation with someone. He talked to me. He had opinions and really was the best listener I had ever met. Sometimes I would catch a glimpse of him and think, he’s not exactly the best looking guy in the world but his personality really made him.

After dinner, Rick left and I had to write my term paper. I had to also write a term paper summary on it. It was really very redundant. But our professors really wanted us to grasp the art of summary. Not only did we have to summarize our research papers we were also asked to analyze the other student’s papers.

I wasn’t so sure about how to write a term paper summary so I did some term paper. The first paragraph is the introduction the second is the body, the meat, where one would express pros/cons or opinions. The last paragraph houses the confusion and the thesis of the paper should be present throughout the paper.

Rick saw what I was working on one afternoon and chuckled. He told me he thought my writing was so much more than a term paper summary called for. He also told a junior editor position was about to be posted at the publishing house he worked. I stared at him sitting there in a suite casually loosening his tie. I looked at the term paper summary I was about to write. I had wanted to be an editor since I was twelve and I couldn’t believe the opportunity had presented itself.

Just like any other applicant I walked into the Rick’s office in a suite and applied for the job. I couldn’t believe how professional he looked sitting behind a huge oak desk.He conducted a very professional interview and kissed me on the top of my head as I walked out of his office.

A week later I received the job. I was ecstatic not only to have the job but to also learned that my term paper summary served as a writing sample. I was even happier when Rick told he has recused himself from the hiring process and I was offer the position on my own merits.

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