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Providing Term Paper Research Allowed Me Keep My Home

February 28th, 2010

Providing Term Paper Research Allowed Me Keep My Home

I needed some extra money big time. I had just taken out a mortgage on a home that was slightly out of my price range and I it seemed as though the price of groceries were rising every week. I had been trying to find a second job for over a month with out any luck. Until I had an idea. I was an English major in college and was a copy editor at one of the local papers. I could offer term paper research help to the college students in the area.

I was so behind on my bills I was scared to answer the phone or get the mail. Every time my phone rang I would jump. Every time my door bell rang I would peak through the peephole. I had this horrible vision of a banker in a stuffy suite handing me foreclosure paper work. I really didn’t know what direction to take. I kept thinking that my term paper idea better work or I would literally be living on the street.

I have always been a really good writer and I had to decide how I would market myself. I began posting ads for term paper research help on free websites and I even printed a bunch of fliers to hand out on college campuses.

My first call was from a young college freshman named Kelly. She called and talked to me about the research paper she had due in less than a week. Kelly told me she just didn’t have the time to put towards it and was wondering if I could help her with it. I told Kelly I would meet her at the university’s library the next day to help her with her term paper.

Kelly told me she really needed term research paper help. Her biggest problem was that she wasn’t able to do any strong critical analysis research paper. Kelly told me she would leave me on all work she had done thus far and asked that I had the paper done for her by next week.

I was little taken aback. My flier said that I would supply term research paper help. I said nothing about actually writing the term paper. I expressed my concern to Kelly and she in turn pull out her check book and asked me what it would take for me to write the six term papers she had left till the end of the semester. My mind quickly began to calculate. I gave a her a nice round figure and ten minutes later I was driving home with a check that would be enough to pay all my bills for the next couple of months.

I then began refocusing my term research paper help idea on this. There were many students who didn’t understand the basic parts of a term paper. A basic five paragraph term paper includes an introduction, body and conclusion. The thesis is very important and this is something that needs to be weaved in and out of each paragraph. You also need to end with a very strong conclusion.

I received inquiries from ten other students who wanted their term papers written and I was able to pay off most of my bills. When my phone rang I was able to answer it and all of my foreclosure nightmares went away all because I wanted to provide students with term paper research help.

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