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The Term Paper Proposal Liberated Me

March 4th, 2010

The Term Paper Proposal Liberated Me

My English professor Dr. Wilson, always told us to write about what you know. The truth is I don’t know much. I was twenty and a sophomore in college. I had a steady boyfriend, my parents were still together and I had good friends. My life was fairly good. Dr. Wilson told us he wanted the term paper proposal by next week and urged us to write with passion about something or someone that really hurt us. I had no idea what direction to go in. I was really feeling a little frustrated. I called my boyfriend Jason to talk it over with me but he didn’t answer the phone. I waited an hour or so and called him back. Still no answer. When I got back to my dorm room I checked my messages and a very odd sounding Jason had left me a voicemail stating he wanted to talk. I had a feeling I would now be submitting a very passionate term paper proposal.

My heart was broken. Jason had really made a lame excuse and told he just thought we weren’t working and no longer wanted to be with me. We had been together for two years. I had thought Jason and I would be married. He loved my dad. Jason and my brother were virtually best friends and we had even looked at wedding rings last summer. I couldn’t believe that it was all gone with just a phone call. Every single thing reminded me of him. I had never been this sad before. I honestly felt a physical pain. And I was literally walking around in a stupor. I think the reason it hurt so much was I had very little closure. Things were just over and I had no idea why. I couldn’t sleep I couldn’t eat. All I really wanted was to talk to Jason and he wouldn’t return my calls and his roommates told he they didn’t know where he was. I really had feelings to fuel my term paper proposal

I had to focus. My term paper proposal was due soon and I had to buckle down. I wrote a short summary of what I would be writing about. I accompanied it with my thesis statement and the main points I would be making throughout the paper. I really had to so some term paper. It was really hard to focus but I knew in some way it would be cathartic for me to write and talk about it.

I put my term paper proposal to the side and began writing my research paper. I found it as a way to actually get over Jason. I went over points to mend a broken heart. The paper was no longer about Jason but about me and what I needed to do to get past the horrible depression and sadness that had overcome me.

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