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The Term Paper Parts Were A Hard Lesson to Teach

March 17th, 2010

The Term Paper Parts Were A Hard Lesson to Teach

I live a life of structure. Honestly I like things to be just so all the time. I like my food arranged a certain way on the plate. My closet is organized via a rotation. Whether it is on the weekends or a work day I have a rotation of my suites. A rotation of my jeans, shorts and sleep-wear. It just helps me to make sure all of my clothes are well worn. Some may call me anal I just really want things in their place. My car also is old but clean. Taken care for. I just like all the parts of my life to be in the it’s place. That’s the way I phrased papers to my students when trying to teach them the term paper parts.

I am an eighth grade teacher. I love my job. I find that I really see the fruits of my labor and that I am really very needed. I also realize that learning to write a term paper is of number one importance. This is why the last unit I covered for these graduating eighth graders was term papers parts.

I was surprised how much the students seem to struggle with this. I think learning to write a basic critical analysis research paper assignments and I wanted my students to be prepared for this.

I went over in great detail the basic parts of a term paper. The introduction, tell the read what you will be telling them. Lay out the main points and make sure your thesis statement is broad yet specific. The subsequent paragraphs are known as the body. This is where the student goes into great detail about each point made in the introduction. A good rule of the thumb is to have one good citation for each major point. This will allow the paper to pop. The last paragraph is the concluding one, it sums up your paper by reiterating the main points, the thesis and of course assessing the reader come to some sort of conclusion or finality about the topic.

Learning the term paper parts was very difficult for the students. They all seemed really frustrated. I really do think there was something about trying to communicate with the written word young students cannot grasp. They all became very, very frustrated.

I then began to describe the term paper units in parts. I would teach one paragraph a week. And the whole week would be on that part of the term paper. After a little over a month the term paper parts came together. I even went one step further and taught the students the importance of editing a term paper as well. When the school year ended I was very happy with my students. They had all worked very hard and learned the term paper parts. I knew they would be do very well in high school.

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