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The Term Paper Parts Were Coming Along Slowly But Our Date Wasn’t

March 14th, 2010

The Term Paper Parts Were Coming Along Slowly But Our Date Wasn’t

I had envied Peter from afar for two years but he had a girlfriend, Ginger. She looked like a super model. Long dark hair and eyes. Her legs were a mile long and she had smile worthy of a tooth paste commercial. Peter and I flirted casually the way two office companions do. The university that Peter and I worked for was a very strict Christian institution. They would really frown upon dating in the work place so when I heard through the grapevine that Peter and Ginger were no longer I didn’t think much of it. That afternoon I was stuck in my office going over a lesson on term paper parts for my freshman when Peter walked in and sat down. We casually talked about work when a lull hit the conversation he brought up Ginger then his voice changed and he said he had always had feelings for me.

Peter and I began talking on the phone at first. Yes I had know him for years but that didn’t mean I knew him in any kind of romantic way. We’d have late night conversations and talk about life and relationships. Then the conversations got later and later into the night. Sometimes talking till two or three o’clock in the morning. They got pretty intense at times. We would talk about are deepest and darkest feelings and fears. The problem was at work we avoided each other like the plague. My heart would beat faster every time I saw him but I knew there was little I could do at the time.

The term paper parts lesson plan was coming along slowly. My brand new freshman just couldn’t grasp basic concepts. I tried to stress how easy a Term papers include a basic introduction, body and conclusion. I explained the importance of a thesis statement as well as the analysis research involved when trying to write a research paper. I went on to explain the importance of good reputable sources in this day and age of internet sources.

The following week it seemed like the students were finally able to grasp the concept of term paper parts and things were looking up. Peter had actually asked me out on a date and we had spent all evening talking. We went back to his place for a night cap and talked some more. All of a sudden we heard a door slam in his driveway. Peter’s face went wild I glanced out the window and saw the Dean of students, Dr. Harold Chump, walking toward the door. Peter and Dr. Chump were friends so it was common place for them to hang out often. I cringed a bit we were both in our thirties and we both just felt like we had been caught by our parents but this could mean the end of both or our careers.

I would have rather been teaching term paper parts than be in this situation. Peter quickly opened the door and I grinned sheepishly at Dr. Chump. He looked from me to Peter smiled and excused himself out of Peter’s house. He yelled a quick “I didn’t see a thing” as he walked right back to his luxury car and drove off down the street.

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