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The Term Paper Outline Format is Not Difficult to Follow

September 29th, 2010

Term Paper Outline Formats Are Fairly Easy and Will Really Allow You to Write a Great Paper

term paper outline format

When I was a little girl I really didn’t like myself. I wanted to be anyone else but me. I really felt nonexistent and that my general presence wasn’t really worth it. I know it sounds crazy but I was the youngest of five. I had three older brothers and an older sister. My brothers were always really tough on me. They were all very popular sports jocks. They often did not have time for me. The truth is they were just mean. My sister was a bombshell and all the guys wanted to date her and all the girls wanted to be her friend. I usually fell to the wayside. When we would walk to school, she would walk at least ten feet ahead of me with her friends and I had to lag behind by myself. It was hard. I learned to find my niche in life through writing. I was a good writer. I slowly began winning lots of awards and certificates in this field. My confidence began to build and I learned that to get by in life there is a format you have to follow. Be strong, be tough, don’t let anyone walk all over you and always, always believe in yourself. When I became an English professor I stuck to this idea. There is a format for everything so when I was teaching my students to write papers I wanted them to first learn the term paper outline format. I also gave them the following tips to help them.

1.Termpaperwriter.org is a great site to help you write the best term or research paper possible. They have great blogs that are not only funny but informative as well. They have articles on everything from term paper outline formats to chemistry term papers. Termpaperwriter.org will even write your paper for you for a fee. They offer unlimited amendments and a percentage off you first order. They are not happy unless you are.

2.A basic term paper outline format should be pretty simple and to the point. Each paragraph should be labeled, let’s say one to thirty. There should be at least ten lines in between each heading. This is to allow you to plug in the main points you will be making as well as to enter in the citations you have picked out. If your term paper outline is written correctly your paper will pretty much write itself

3. Do your research. You will not be able to provide citations for your term paper outline if you have not done some good reading. When picking your topic make sure you have an ample amount of sources available to you. Focus on quality books and journals. Limit your internet sources to one or two. Professors like to see you have really done your reading in the library instead of sitting at home browsing the net.

4. The term paper outline format should still include citations. Because of this, it is very important that you know how to site. There are many different citations methods; Chicago, Harvard, MLA and APA. Make sure you know what citation method is desired by your professor. The latter two mentioned are the most common. You can use the key below to help you:

For APA use this:

Last name, first name. (year published).Title of Book. City published. Publisher

For the in text citation use this method:

(Last name, year, pp. numbers of pages)

For MLA use this:

Last name of author, First name of Author. Title of Book. Place Published: Publisher. Year. Print.

MLA also uses footnotes instead of in text:

(Author, pp.#)

An outline term paper format is quite easy to pick up. Once I taught it to my students they got it and were writing excellent papers in no time. There is a format to everything. Once this is understood, life is not as hard as we make it.

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