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A Term Paper on Autism Can Be Very Draining Paper to Write

August 18th, 2010

When Writing Term Papers on Autism Be Mindful of The People You

term paper on autism

I have always believed that God will never give you more than you can handle. God must know we are much stronger than we think we are. My friend Paula was the first friend of mine to ever get married. She was also the first one of my friends to have kids. It was crazy I remember sitting around the dorm room with her late at night eating chips and watching dumb movies. I’d recall our late night conversations where we talked about out hopes and dreams. As I sat at her baby shower I remember thinking this is crazy. How did life run away from me so quickly? I wasn’t married. I didn’t have any kids and here was Paula living “the meaning of life.” Paula was blessed with twin girls. They were so pretty. But as they grew up Paula and her husband both realized that their twins were having some developmental problems. They wouldn’t communicate. They wouldn’t look at you and they were unable to speak words just noises. They often seemed like they were in another world. Eventually Paula got them checked out and they were diagnosed with autism. They were devastated. Paula again would often confide in me her inner most thoughts. She would tell me how sad she was that her daughters would never date, go to prom or even get married. They probably would never have a job or be able to drive. A couple of years later Paula had three more children and each one was diagnosed with autism. She was about lost it. I felt so badly for Paula. She really inspired me so when I had to write my masters thesis I decided to write a term paper on autism. I used the following tips to help me.

1.Some possible topics when writing term papers on autism would be, can people with autism live a full life? What are the varying degrees of autism? What are some signs to look for in order to diagnose autism? Is autism a curable disease/ illness?

2.When writing term papers on autism do not just be factual. There is really a human side that comes into play when writing this type of term paper. Pull examples of families that have been affected and even try and interview some people who are autistic. There are many degrees of autism. You will definitely be able to find someone who is capable of an interview.

3.Autism is very socially relevant nowadays. People who are autistic are often socially inept. They don’t know how to act during everyday interactions. They often don’t have friends or know how to start or end a conversation. Be very careful if you will be using a person who is autistic as a source. You want to be mindful of their problem.

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Paula learned a lot from my autism term paper. I also learned a lot from her while writing it. Yes I do believe God will only give you as much as you can handle because Paula is certainly doing very well with her kids. She is patient and kind to them. More so than most people are with their kids who don’t have a mental disorder.

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