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Term Paper Introduction Cured Her Broken Heart

March 10th, 2010

Term Paper Introduction Cured Her Broken Heart

I have been dating David for three years. But before him I really had my share of relationships. Some good, some bad but all where really interesting and a learning experience. I loved meeting knew people and going on dates. It was so fun. My senior year in college I had a job at a local coffee shop where I met tons of interesting people. They were so intellectual, ambitious and could really hold a conversation. I still say some of the best dates I ever had were from that little coffee shop. I met Chris there. I will always remember him as the one who got away. I was so in love with him it was insane. That broken heart allowed me to sympathize with all of my friends who were going through the same thing. My best friend Chloe had been living with a broken heart for two months now. She was really taking it hard. She didn’t sleep or eat. Chloe would show up at my house randomly at all times at of the night. We both were English majors in college. I told her she needed to get back out there. I told her to look at it as a term paper introduction.

I couldn’t get Chloe to think straight. But after two months of sulking I showed up at her place with two pints of chocolate ice-cream, a chick flick and of course a memo pad so we could get started on our term paper introduction. I tried to motivate her by comparing the parts of a term paper to parts of a relationship.

A term paper has an introduction, body and conclusion. The term paper introduction is the beginning stage of the paper. Tell the reader what you’re going to tell them. Introduce who you are and what you are about. The body goes into detail of what you have mentioned in your introduction. Since you planted seeds in your introduction about yourself now allow your date to ask specific questions about what you just told him. And the conclusion. Some up the term paper. Recap what you have just told them and decided if a second date is in your future.

I laughed when Chloe actually seemed interested and wanted to know when they critical analysis research comes into play. I told her that would be before the introduction. You have to do your research first. One would have to run their perspective date through a internet search engine before ever deciding to go out with him.

Chloe and I finished the research paper and then headed to the nearest pub so we could try out her term paper introduction. Chloe did a pretty good job meeting people that night. I was really happy for her. She actually seemed like she was having fun. I knew someday my heartache would be someone’s gain. I was really happy to be able to put that part of my life in the past and was happy that Chloe would soon be able to do so as well.

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