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The College Term Paper Cover Page Made Me Realize That College was not so Fun After All

February 16th, 2010

The College Term Paper Cover Page Made Me Realize That College was not so Fun After All

College was the best years of my life. I miss it dearly. There are times when I am home alone with my husband and son and think, what ever happened to those days? I wonder if the me of college would even recognize the present me. Life was so different then. So fun, so much to do so many people to see. I never had to work to make a friend or find people to do things with. Life was so easy. All I ever had to do was walk out into the dormitory library to find people to hang out with. Now days things are really different. My life amounts to my husband, my son, my cat and the produce man at the grocery store. Sometimes I find it has little to no fun or meaning. I decided to get a part time job at my alma mater. I found a research papers with their college term paper cover page and all and I would essentially look them over.

The college term paper cover page was the oddest part to grade. In the beginning I pretty much looked it over. But I didn’t realize there was a standard format to it. The middle of the college term paper cover page contained the title in large font. The bottom right included the student’s name, professor’s name, class and date. Its actually a fairly simple page but you would be surprised how many students got this wrong.

It was nice working with college students again. I really enjoyed reading theirterm paper writers. It honestly was a very tall order. Some of the students had little to no idea on what a decent paper looked like and others just didn’t care. I really began to think back to my college days and decided maybe I didn’t miss it after all.

It was nice to read not only the college term paper cover page and term papers but I began to realize how terribly boring the topics where. Sometimes I could barely keep my eyes open when reading them. I began remembering what college was really like and the nostalgia of my college experience really began to wear off.

Yes I had a ton of friends but the work load was insane. I remember writing numerous college term paper cover pages and reading very large books. That part of college was never fun. I began thinking my current situation and realized my current life was not so bad. After all and at the end of the day I’d rather be with my husband and son than ever go back to college again.

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