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The Most Important Part is The Term Paper Conclusion

February 25th, 2010

The Most Important Part is The Term Paper Conclusion

My mom always told me no matter what you do finish strong. I have always lived by this motto. I have always been a runner. I run various races throughout the year and I always sprint as fast as I can when the finish line comes into view. When I say goodbye to friends and family I try and make it meaningful. After all you never know if you’ll ever see each other again. In college when I wrote various term papers I always felt that the term paper conclusion was the most important part.

Term papers in general aren’t too difficult. Most people know that a research paper includes an introduction, body and of course a conclusion. Critical analysis research is key, when using the appropriate citations. The thesis is also very important without it the paper would have very little direction or drive. I really do believe the term paper conclusion is the most important part of the paper. Without a strong conclusion the paper will topple over. It would be like a table without legs, unstable.

I had been dating Renee for two years. We were had a pretty decent relationship but it was like the table, very, very unstable. I knew I had to end the relationship over six months ago but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I began seeing the break up as a term paper conclusion. I really wanted to end it on a positive yet strong note but Renee was just not taking the hint.

I began doing more and more things on my own. I would go out alone. I attended weddings alone. I was trying to get Renee to see that not only did I not need to be around him I didn’t want to be around him. He became very insistent. When I would be out with girlfriends he’d insist on picking me up from the pub. When I was out shopping he’d tell me he wanted to pick me up since it was just too dark for me to drive home alone. I could see that the term paper conclusion was something I really needed to do.

I didn’t want to hurt Renee but I needed to get the point across. I couldn’t be too light I had to be strong and decisive. Renee always felt he could smile and wink his way out of anything. And he really could beg and plead with the best of them. It use to be fairly attractive. Now it was just down right pathetic.

I confronted Renee right outside his office building. He said a quick goodbye to his associates at the law firm and walked quickly to his car. I popped out of my car and met him. He smiled and told me how happy that I surprised him at work. Renee looked quite handsome in his suit. His deep blue eyes popped in contrast to his iridescent tie. I had bought it for him almost a year ago. I slowly began to rethink my term paper conclusion.

Renee opened the door of his SUV and told me he wanted to treat me to dinner for surprising him at work. My mind started to race as I slip into the leather seat. He was just so comfortable and familiar. He reached over and kissed me on the cheek and made small talk as he drove to the restaurant. I began to think it was now or never until Renee pulled a velvet box out of his over coat and handed it to me. The term paper conclusion flew out of my mind as I opened the the box and said yes.

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