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Learning Term Paper Citations Help Me Keep My Job

February 14th, 2010

Learning Term Paper Citations Help Me Keep My Job

Everyone is good at something. Some people are really good artists and painters. Others are really smart and have the ability to suck in information and take tests easily. And some people have amazing physical abilities that allow them to run and jump very well. I for one was good at one thing, sales. I was a really good salesman. I was lucky that it made for a very lucrative existence since I really couldn’t do much else. I had been a salesman for over almost twenty years and I had just turned forty. I genuinely loved my job and the fact that I could drive around in a one hundred thousand dollar car definitely had it’s perks. After my twentieth year anniversary party the director came up and told me that many changes were coming. I would need to get two more licenses if I wanted to keep my job. I was thrown for a loop. I already held four. Furthermore I would have to attend classes to receive these licenses. I of course enrolled in the class the next day. I really wanted to keep my job. It was going very well until the professor mentioned writing term papers. Writing would be the one thing I have never been good at. When the professor mentioned research papers I about lost it but when she began to tell us about the term paper citations I thought it was time to look for another job.

Term paper citations looked so difficult. She very quickly went over the two basic citation methods:

APA (in text)

Author, (Date). Title of book. Location of Publication: Publisher.

Rowling J.K. (2000). Harry Potter. Londo: U.K Press
For In-Text Citation:
(Rowling, 2000, pp. 27, 32)

MLA (footnotes)
Author. Title. Location of Publication: Publisher, Year
Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter. London: UK Press, 2000

I was lost. I sold people insurance and moved their money around. I had no idea how any of this would be useful. But if I wanted to keep my job I would have to learn the basics on term paper citations.

I began doing some strong critical analysis research in order to write a great term paper. My motivation? My paycheck. Since I worked on a commission only basis if I didn’t learn term paper citations I would lose my house, my home, my wife and probably my dog. I had grown accustomed to a certain way of living and I really didn’t want to change it.

I lived in the library and even got a term paper tutor who was excellent. She was very patient with me and edited my papers many times. I was determined to do well and to master the art of term paper citations.

At the end of the quarter our papers were due. I was extremely nervous as I honestly felt my entire life was on the line. I worked all night on my term paper making sure the citations were correct. My hands shook as I checked my grade online a week later. I had begun looking at the want ads and was ashamed to admit that there were few other jobs I was qualified for. Thankfully I didn’t have to worry my weeks of studying and working hard paid off and I had gotten a passing grade on my term paper.

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