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A Good Sample Term Paper Outline Is Hard to Come By

May 9th, 2010

Samples Term Paper Outlines Are a Great Tool When Writing a A Term Paper

When I was in college I was an English tutor. I really had to jump through hoops to get the job. I had to submit research paper examples, numerous essays and of course sample term paper outlines. It was a much harder job than I thought it would be. Students really relied on me more than I ever thought they would. I can’t tell you how many times I had students come to me crying because they were about to fail a class. I really pushed students to write outlines and I had examples of term paper outlines for them Because of this I feel I am able to offer you some great advice on writing a term paper, here are a few tips for you:

1.Develop an idea that you would like to write about. Take two different examples. Brandon was trying to attempting to write his A.P. English term paper and it was disastrous. He had no idea what he wanted to write about. He hadn’t done a free writing exercise to get his ideas flowing, hadn’t utilized the sample term paper outline for the paper and in general was just in pretty sad shape. However, his girlfriend Natalie also had a term paper due the same day for the same A.P. English class. Natalie was much better prepared. Not only had she done a free writing prewriting exercise, but she had made an outline. She had researched her sources. She put the information for each source on a note card. In order to cite the term paper, each note card included the author’s last name, first name, the title of the book in italics, where the book was published, the publisher, and the year the book was published. These references for her term paper were added on to her bibliography at the end of her term paper. Since Brandon’s and Natalie’s A.P. English teacher wanted the paper to be ten pages long double-spaced, technically they were supposed to have ten sources, and therefore ten note cards. Obviously, in this case, Natalie was better prepared than Brandon to write this term paper.

2.Research your topic. Search journals, web sites on the Internet, books, and other electronic sources for your term paper. Sources in print are equally as credible as sources on the web, as long as you don’t cite certain encyclopedia web sites as a primary source for the term paper. Make sure you know your topic inside and out. Once you have your research completed, you can fill out your note cards like Natalie did in order so that you can go to the following step in completing your term paper.

3.Organize your paper. When looking at sample term paper outlines they must have at least five sections. First, you must open up the term paper with an introduction that grabs the attention of your reader. You don’t want your reader asleep by the end of the first paragraph. Make the opening for your term paper a hook that will draw the reader in. “How would you like to go skydiving?” is a better opening line for a term paper than “The popularity of high-risk sports is debatable.” Next, make sure you have three main paragraphs that all begin with relevant topic sentences. Finally, conclude with a logical ending for your term paper. This is called the conclusion.

4. Edit, Revise, and Rewrite. Once Natalie finished researching and organizing her term paper, then she edited it for content, spelling, and grammar. Then she revised the term paper once again and rewrote it. Natalie received an A. Brandon failed. Natalie obviously made the better choice.

Good luck with your term papers. Remember to utlize sample at least one sample term paper outline if so you will notice that your paper will be much easier and will basically write itself.

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