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Sample Outline for A Term Paper Could Be Just The Thing to Motivate Students

March 30th, 2010

Sample Outline for Term Papers Are a Great Tool

As a English tutor my job is to teach students. Most of the time I have to lead by example. Meaning I have learned that most students are very, very visual. When I try and describe basic english concepts they just don’t get it. Most of the students that come to me are freshman in college. They are barely learning what a term paper is and what it entails. I first go over term papers in great detail to them. I talk to them about the main parts of paper: the introduction, body and the conclusion. I go over what a thesis statement is and how it should be present, in some form, in every single paragraph. The conclusion is a basic recap of the paper and a nice summary of what you just told them. You would be surprised how difficult it is for most students to grasp the simple term paper formula. The best tool I have found to help students is a sample outline for a term paper. I dare say an outline is one of the best things a student can do for himself in order to write an excellent term paper.

1.Sample outlines for term papers should be very true to the form of an actual term paper. Map out each paragraph. And plug in the main points you hope to make.

2.Research before starting your outline. That way you can figure out how your citations coincide with your essay. You can make the choice to build your essay around the citations you have picked or to manipulate your citations to prove your point.

3.Termpaperwriter.org is an excellent resource especially when all the english tutors have gone home for the evening. They are offer many good tips on writing. Their website is easily accessible and user friendly.

4.There are many sample outlines for term papers available online and of course in every english text book, use them. It helps to have a visual when you are trying to figure out what you are suppose to be doing.

5.Research. Just because it is an outline doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your research. Make sure you pick good reputable sources, books and journals. Most professor frown upon use of more than one website in your bibliography.

6.Edit. If you make an mistake in your outline more than likely you make that same mistake in your paper. Make sure your paper is free of all grammatical and spelling errors.

A sample outline term paper could be just the thing needed to motivate any student to write an excellent term paper. Showing a student an outline takes the pressure off a massive term paper. It can be condensed to one or two pages and then easily converted to a fabulous paper. It’s almost an no brainer. An outline for a term paper practically writes itself.

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