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I Needed A Great Research Paper Outline Maker

April 14th, 2010

I Would Make My Students Into Research Paper Outline Makers If if Killed Me

As a person in general and an all around member of society I understand the importance of research. Most things need to be researched. Yes there is something to just jumping into the water and not thinking. But less spontaneous people, the more upstanding members of society, realize that good research means the difference between regretting an decision and not. I am not talking about what restaurant to go to for lunch or what shoes to wear in the morning. I am talking about research that includes what your major should be in college? What kind of salary you should negotiate when you receive a job offer? Where you should live? Where are best schools, best restaurants and dog parks? As English teacher I understand the importance of research. Good research could be the difference between a great paper and a mediocre one. I strive to make all of my students into great research paper outline makers.

1.A great research paper outline maker understands that every single part of the research paper that you are about to write needs to be mapped out in the outline. Every single paragraph needs to be represented and the key points of the outline should really be highlighted and explained.

2.Editing is key in any outline. Chances are if you make a really horrible spelling or grammatical error it will carry onto your essay. Remember that spell check is great but it doesn’t catch everything. It doesn’t know the difference between “there” and “their.” Aside from hitting the spellcheck button be sure to go over your essay with a fine tooth comb. Moreover ask someone else to edit it for you. It is very hard to edit you own work.

3.Research paper outline makers put their all into writing an excellent outline. They understand that if an outline is written well that the paper will pretty much write itself. Really all an outline really does is break a research paper down into manageable parts. This allows you to focus on different parts of a paper without to think about the rest of the paper.

4.My favorite research paper outline maker did all of his research when he turned in the outline. I was so impressed when he included citations in his outline. There was a citation for every paragraph. It pretty much stood alone but since he had already summarized the point he hoped to make the citation just supported it. He also included a detailed bibliography with great reputable sources.

Towards the end of the semester I was able to make my students into amazing research outline makers I was very impressed with how far they had come. The majority of the students realized that an outline was of course more work but in the end they had a much better paper for having completed it.

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