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When Writing A Paper you Should Always Have A Research Paper Outline Guide

April 13th, 2010

Research Paper Outline Guides Really Make Your Paper Easy to Write

Writing has always been an outlet for me. I really enjoy it. When I decided to become an English teacher I did so because I wanted everyone to feel the passion I felt for writing. I feel magical when I write a great email or letter. Sometimes I read it over and over. I get warm fuzzies and I feel good about myself. When I write I think. I solve problems. I figure things out. There really is no other way to solve a problem or figure things out than research. I’ve always loved writing research papers. Especially about things that I honestly wanted to know more about. I was always surprised how easy it was to become an expert at any one thing after doing just a little bit of research. I wanted my students to understand the beauty of research papers and of course writing. I introduced research papers to my one thousand class. They of course where extremely overwhelmed with the idea of doing research and writing a paper that would be longer than three pages. I devised research paper outline guides that my students could utilize when writing their research paper.

1.Research is key when writing a research paper. It is important that you really read. A lot. Don’t just rely on random quotes that you pull out of context. You really want to know what you’re talking about so you can speak with authority on it. When you have completed a research paper, you should be able to hold an intellectual conversation on it.

2.The research paper outline guide I gave my students included a bibliography page. I think it’s important that you really take note of your research when writing your outline. Always use credible books, articles and journals. Really try and stay away from too many online sources. If you do, make sure they are reputable sources. Anyone can create a website and call it fact. Make sure your sources are creditable.

3.Termpaperwriter.org is a great website to utilize when writing any kind of term or research paper. The website is very user friendly and they have some hilarious blogs to educate you on writing.

4.Your research paper outline guide should really follow a very strict format. That is, it should be mapped out like a term paper. Every paragraph should be mapped out specifically and the citations should be plugged into the paragraph where they will appear in the essay. The introduction, body and conclusion should all be in it’s respective place on the page.

Research paper outline guides are a great idea when writing a research paper. If you follow the guide correctly you will end up breaking down your essay into very manageable parts. This way you can focus on one part of the research paper at once.

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