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A Great Research Paper Outline Example Is Hard to Find

April 11th, 2010

Research Paper Outline Examples Are Ideal When Writing A Fabulous Research Paper

I am a college student with a major in education. When I first started this I thought I would hate it. My dream was to be an elementary school teacher. I thought it would be a great cushy job where I work with little kids finger painting all day. My student teaching changed all of that. First grade kids are crazy, they say and do what ever they want. They are messy, sticky and they smell funny. Okay I am exaggerating a little but honestly when I ended student teaching at the local high school with some of the mouthiest kids I had ever encountered. I practically thought that was a picnic compared to those tiny brats. I really enjoyed high school kids. I really felt like I could relate. I remembered what it was like to be them. As a student teacher it was my job to teach ninety percent of the classes. It was rather difficult. I had taken over the class during the research paper unit. The students were learning how to compose their own research papers using the APA citation method. Part of curriculum was for them to learn how to write an outline. It was my job to come up with a research paper outline example for them to mirror when writing their research papers.

1.A research paper outline example should always include a bibliography. I know that sounds weird. You should knock your research out while you are putting the outline together. Your paper will be that much easier to write.

2.Many research paper outline examples are too general. In order to find the right one look for those that are wordy. An outline is intended to make writing your paper that much easier. The more detailed you are in your outline the less info you will have to come up with when writing your paper. Map out every single paragraph. This will help you stay on task and break your paper into more manageable parts.

3.Pick a topic that interests you. Most of the time especially in high school, teachers will let you pick your own topic. The truth is at this point in your life we’re not worring about what you are writing about but how you are writing it. That is, do you have a thesis? Do you have an introduction, body and conclusion? Does your essay make sense?

4.Editing is the biggest faux pas I have found. If nothing else run your essay through spell check. I can’t believe how many grammatical and spelling errors I run into. Sometimes no matter how great the paper could be, spelling errors are an automatic fail.

5.Termpaperwriter.org is a great website to utilize when looking for info on research paper outline examples. They have funny and informative blogs and offer a academic writing service designed to assist you with all of your term or research paper needs.

As difficult as it was to work with the high school students while they were learning how to write research papers I still would not have traded it for those paste eating monsters. Yes high school can be a horrible environment to work in but I can’t tell you how many times I went home with gum in my hair, bruised shins and ringing in my ears from those first graders. Not to mention the obscene amount of urine I had to clean up. Yes teaching students how to write research papers is difficult but I’ll take that to daily dealing with little ankle biters.

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