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The Research Paper Definition Really Brought in Business

March 8th, 2010

The Research Paper Definition Really Brought in Business

I would say I have a healthy self esteem. I get along with most people. My brother is a huge comic book and toy fan and asked that I come to a toy show to help him sell some merchandise. It was on a Saturday afternoon and I really didn’t have much going on. I agreed and dragged my best friend Tiffany to the show with me. I knew it would be filled with a bunch of different people but I wasn’t prepared for how weird it would be. I was really happy to help my brother but I had a pretty successful side job writing term papers for college students. It was fairly lucrative and really helped pay my way through college. I had a couple of papers to write that weekend. As Tiffany and I walked into the show I was so not prepared for the people I’d run into. All around us were just about the weirdest specimens of humans. They all seemed very nice. Just odd. Either their clothes were too tight or too lose. Every single person was missing at lease two teeth and either they had a mohawk or no hair at all. Tiffany summed it up by saying, I bet no here even knows what a research paper definition is.

Tiffany was on the prowl the whole evening obviously she had little to no interest in comics or toys. So she made a deal with me not only would she ask the toy sellers if they new what a research paper definition was but she would see how many phone numbers she could get before the night was over.

I laughed at her and went back to helping my brother set up his table. I really have to say my brother was honestly the only normal looking seller in the bunch. Tiffany was gone for thirty minutes at a time and would bring back little blurs of what the clientele and the sellers would tell her. She prefaced her questions by telling the customers and sellers that she was doing some critical analysis research for school on term papers she got lots of feed back. And proceeded to read them out loud to me:

1.A term paper has to have a thesis statement that is present in each paragraph of the paper.
2.Make sure you edit you term paper at least twice before hitting the print button.
3.Your research paper needs to have good citation sources. Stick to books and journals. Not just internet sources
4.Make sure your term paper has a very strong conclusion.

Tiffany and I were both surprised. Maybe, they did know what a research paper definition was after-all. Not only did Tiffany return with the above list she actually managed to find the only three good looking guys in the whole place and get a phone number from each one.

My brother just laughed. Well he laughed all the way to the bank. I guess Tiffany was a big attraction. She really made the rounds in the room and many dealers and clients came over to my brothers table to see who the strange girl asking everyone what their idea of a research paper definition was. Not only did they look but they bought as well.

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